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The HomePod 3 is expected to make some pretty radical improvements over the last model, yet we haven't received much official information yet. Just a few months ago, eagle-eyed users spotted code in tvOS 17.4's third beta, alluding to the new device and suggesting the screen-laden third smart speaker is on its way.

The infamous HomePod with a screen has been in development for three years now, yet it skipped the HomePod 2 early last year. The HomePod 3 is not only said to receive this screen but other advancements in technology that could one day combine with Apple AI to make the smart device so much smarter. Apple has been reported to be combining FaceTime, Apple TV, and HomePod into a single device way back in 2022, and fans are hoping Apple's next Home Pod will be the one to do it. Recent reports have even shown off what the long-awaited display will look like. 

Here is everything we know about the Apple HomePod 3 right now. 

HomePod 3: The headlines

What is it? A HomePod smart speaker, potentially with a screen and an AI Siri upgrade, or maybe even a new entry in an all-new line of home robotics products.

When can we expect it? September/October is possible should a WWDC 2024 reveal happen. But realistically, this could be into next year or beyond.

Key upgrades? An alleged screen capable of FaceTime and video display, Apple TV integration and Siri AI upgrades.

HomePod 3: Expected release date

The million-dollar question is when will we see HomePod 3 in the flesh. Provided there is some sort of announcement about it at WWDC 2024, it's possible that we could see a release as early as September/October 2024, but the smart money is on a release in the early part of 2025 — two years on from the release of HomePod 2.

HomePod 3: Design

Integrating a display into the current HomePod presents some design problems. When faced with the same challenge of adding a screen to what is essentially a big speaker Amazon has adopted a few different designs. The model 8 of the Show looks more like an iPad designed to stand on a desk, but we don't think that Apple would want to go in this direction as it already has the iPad line. 

Amazon Echo Show 10

The Amazon Echo Show 10, pictured here, is one possible design style Apple could adapt. (Image Credit: Amazon) (Image credit: Amazon)

Instead, a look at the Echo Show 10 gives us a good example of a product that still looks very much like a speaker, but has an integrated screen whose position can be adjusted by the user. And if Apple's robotic ambitions are set to be believed, the display could sit at the end of a robot arm that tracks your head position, so it's always looking directly at you as you move around the room. The overall effect would not be unlike the old angle-poised G3 iMac, which was a notable design hit from Apple's past.

iMac G4

The classic G3 iMac - a blast from the past. (Image credit: Apple) (Image credit: Apple)

Alternatively, we could imagine a HomePod 3 looking like a speaker with a built-in display that occupies the area where the colored Siri lights currently swirl on the existing HomePod mini and HomePod 2, and a camera perhaps integrated into the base. This would be closest to the most recent reports.

HomePod 2

HomePod 2 (Image credit: Apple) (Image credit: Apple)

We'd love it if the HomePod line eventually incorporates a robot that follows you around your home, tending to your every need. Taking inspiration from the existing Roomba-type robots that clean your home, a fully featured home robot could look like anything from a robot pet (think AIBO, Sony's robotic puppy) to something that looks more like R2-D2 or even C3-PO, from Star Wars. We're stretching into the realms of science fiction here, but the future could be nearer than you think. Recent rumors suggest Apple is now heavily investing in robotics alongside its AI ambitions, following the shuttering of its autonomous car division.

Roomba i3 robot vacuum

The Roomba i3 robot vacuum (Image credit: Roomba) (Image credit: iRobot)

The lack of an official Apple release hasn't stopped people from dreaming up some HomePod 3 concepts they'd love to see. In 2022, the Swiss website Handy Abovergleich produced some concept designs for an integrated Apple TV and HomePod. More recently, designer Justin Latham has gone in the other direction and produced a HomePod Nano design, that is smaller and more like an alarm clock. 

HomePod 3: Price

HomePod 2 from Apple is $299 on the Apple store, while HomePod mini is $99. If the HomePod 3 features a screen then we'd hope that the price point of $299 could be maintained, especially considering that the Echo Show 10, with a screen, is only $249 on But considering the potential for this to eat some of the iPad line-up's lunch, be ready to spend north of $500 for any device that essentially combines an iPad and HomePod in one unit.

HomePod 3: Connecting to your Smart Home

While Apple has made some inroads into the smart home market with HomeKit and the Home app, it certainly hasn't cracked it yet. While you can now use an Apple TV as a hub to control your smart home devices, and also the existing HomePod and HomePod mini, it certainly feels like Apple could do with a device that looks more and acts more like a central hub from which to control your smart home devices with ease. A HomePod with a dedicated screen would fit that bill perfectly, enabling you to access a security camera or choose which smart lights to turn on or off.

As much as Apple users hate to admit it, the Alexa/Siri war is being won by Amazon right now. Alexa is just better at acting like a virtual assistant, and Amazon and Google devices tend to be cheaper. Apple could still win out here though, because we get the feeling nobody really trusts Alexa to not analyze your data to try to sell you things. People respect Apple's greater degree of security and privacy, not to mention Apple's seamless integration between devices. HomePod 3 could be the device that convinces people that it's safe to enter the smart home market.

HomePod 3: Siri gets serious with AI

Finally, consider what an AI boost to Siri could mean for HomePod 3. We already know that Apple has been generating its own Apple GPT chatbots for use within the company, and we're holding out great hopes for an AI boost to Siri in iOS18 at this year's WWDC


Hey Siri, open the garage doors. "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that".  Having a friendly chat with Siri on HomePod 3. (Image credit: Apple) (Image credit: iMore)

Conversing with Siri on HomePod 3 and having it talk back to you would be a game changer. Just imagine getting answers to your questions instead of the usual, "here's what I found on the web" response. This would completely change your concept of searching on the web, and it could be that you wouldn't actually need Google anymore for simple answers to simple questions.

The possibilities of merging AI with your smart home could be thrilling. Could you ask your fridge light to blink out the words to the national anthem in Morse code? Maybe. Or perhaps when you ask HomePod 3 to open the garage doors it will respond with a chilling, "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that".

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