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connected home

HomeKit-enabled, WiFi-connected iLuv Rainbow8 bulbs now available

iLuv's Rainbow8 bulbs, the first WiFi-connected, HomeKit-enabled bulbs, are now available for purchase.

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6 Ways Investing in a Smart Home Can Save You Money

Investing in a smart home can be pretty costly upfront, but you'll find the cost saving benefits over time help balance the initial investment. Here are six ways investing in a smart home can actually save you money!

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How to add your existing lights and fans to your HomeKit-enabled home

You don't have to spring for all-new HomeKit-enabled bulbs and fans to upgrade your home with HomeKit — you can add smarts to your existing setup with the help of these HomeKit-enabled in-wall dimmer and light switches!

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WeberHaus pre-fab homes to feature HomeKit control

WeberHaus will offer pre-fabricated homes with HomeKit control later this year.

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HomeKit troubleshooting: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Sometimes the simplest solution to a HomeKit problem is the correct one. Problem is the simplest solution can be buried deep within the smart-bulb-lit caves of iOS's Home app, so let's take a look at a real-world HomeKit troubleshooting experience!

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These smart home accessories work with Amazon's Alexa and Apple's HomeKit

Splitting your smart home commands between Siri and Alexa (Apple and Amazon, respectively) actually makes a lot of sense. If you've got an Echo or Echo Dot in your home, here are some smart home accessories that work with Alexa and HomeKit.

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Good news, HomeKit enthusiasts: Apple has a mini site just for you!

Apple has launched a site-within-a-site for all things home automation, Home app, and HomeKit-enabled.

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Philips Hue Go will make the connected light portable in late May for $99.95

The Philips Hue team will expand its lineup of connected lights in late May/early June with the new Philips Hue Go.

The light can run on batteries, which means it can be taken anywhere. The price for the device will be $99.95.

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Keep an eye out for visitors with the DoorBird Video Doorbell

Bird Home Automation has announced the DoorBird Video Doorbell, a new smart doorbell for connected homes. This doorbell includes a video camera and connects to your iPhone or Android device, letting you see and communicate with people outside your home no matter where you are using either Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. The DoorBird will be compatible with a number of smart home devices and standards, including Apple's HomeKit. Bird Home Automation expects the DoorBird to be available to consumers at some point in the spring of 2015.

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At the Core: Holidays and the connected home

Greetings and happy December 29, iMore! The major winter holidays have mostly passed us by, and hopefully you've survived — and dare I hope, enjoyed — the family get-togethers, the excess food, and terrible party games.

Some of you are undoubtedly back at work today, while others are still enjoying the last fragments of a winter vacation. Me, I'm somewhere in-between. Clearly, I'm at work today (well, that, or robo-Serenity has gotten much better at writing columns in the last two weeks) but I'm doing so from my parents' new house, sitting on the couch in front of our Christmas tree.

It's a nice view — much comfier than my office back in Massachusetts. But staring at that tree today got me thinking. We're venturing ever closer to 2015, and 2014's technology has brought us ever closer to the ideal "home of the future". But I'm not sure if we're there yet.

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