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Droid Bionic

Mobile Nations 7: Beta

Phil, Kevin, and Rene beta test a new video rig, survive technical problems, and talk RIM results, BlackBerry striking back, next generation Android phones, Windows 8 tablets, and a tale of two iPhones. This is Mobile Nations!

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iPhone 4 vs DROID BIONIC: Which should you get?

Android Central has their full Motorola DROID BIONIC review up and if you're trying to decide on a Verizon smartphone, suddenly you have something new to consider -- iPhone 4 or DROID BIONIC, which should you get? Sure everyone is waiting on iPhone 5 this fall, but until Apple announces it, it doesn't exist, and by the time it ships there'll likely be a couple dozen more Android phones on the market to compete with it. As of right now, today, if you're looking to get a new smartphone on Verizon and you just can't wait, iPhone 4 and DROID BIONIC are the choice you have in front of you. So let's help you decide.

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