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droid dna

iPhone 5 vs. Droid DNA: Which phone should you get?

No sooner does Apple released the iPhone 5 than HTC and Verizon escalate with the Droid DNA. Where the iPhone 5 is slim and sophisticated, the Droid DNA is big and brutally powerful. Where Apple is anodized aluminum, HTC is soft-touch polycarbonate. Where iOS is consistent across all Apple's mobile products, HTC Sense changes up the Android interface for good or for ill. From atom to bit, the iPhone 5 and the Droid DNA couldn't be more different. So if you're looking for a new phone on Verizon, how do you choose between them?

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5-inch 1080p, 440ppi Android phones coming to the U.S., blowing past iPhone 5 Retina display

HTC is showing off the Verizon Droid DNA today at the special event in New York City, and the big news -- the HUGE news -- is the size and density of their display: a 5-inch fully 1920x1080p at a positively pornographic 440ppi. HTC has always loved pushing the envelop when it comes to specs, and this is obviously no exception. Back when Apple launched the iPhone 4 with Retina display, its 960x640 at 326ppi screen was well beyond anything else on the market, and it stayed that way for a long time. Even with the iPhone 5's 1136x640, still 326ppi screen, HTC is now far, far ahead.

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