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Apple releases fourth developer beta of iOS 10.3

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Apple releases third public beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.4

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Ebook Pricing

Eddy Cue comments on ebook price fixing ahead of appeal effort

Apple is attempting to get a federal appeals court to overturn last year's judgment on Apple's role in ebook price fixing. The ruling saw, among other things, an external antitrust monitor installed at Apple, something that the company fought against. Apple SVP Eddy Cue, who negotiated deals with publishers for the iBookstore, has now spoken about the case, and why Apple is fighting so hard to overturn the ruling. Cue says that the rise in ebook prices is not evidence of collusion, according to Fortune:

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U.S. Department of Justice wants ludicrous restrictions placed on Apple, iBooks

The U.S. Department of Justice has proposed a solution to address Apple's ebook price fixing. The remedy places restrictions on how Apple makes deals with publishers, including the immediate termination of their current deals with five publishers, and forces Apple to change policy with regards to ebook apps linking to external stores for at least two years.

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Tim Cook to give deposition in ebook pricing lawsuit

A federal judge has ordered Tim Cook to give a deposition as part of the US Justice Departmentโ€™s lawsuit over ebook pricing. The government has been limited to deposing Cook for four hours. Executives from the companies involved in the suit have already testified, with Cook being the sole exception.

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Apple, publishers, reportedly ready to settle EU ebooks probe

Regulators in the European Union are reportedly ready to accept the offer made by Apple and four book publishers, bringing an end to an antitrust probe regarding ebook pricing. Apple and these publishers made the offer back in September, and regulators are expected to announce their acceptance of the deal next month. The deal with European regulators addresses aspects of pricing and contracts that prevent lower pricing at rival retailers.

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iPad TV Commercial Shows iBooks Pricing, NYT Best Seller Button, My Documents, Smudge/Camera

While I was busy enjoying the subtler UI details, AppleInsider noticed that last night's iPad commercial debut showed what might be some of the pricing inside the new iBooks Store:

The commercial showed Sen. Edward Kennedy's "True Compass: A Memoir" for $14.99, the novel "I, Alex Cross" by James Patterson for $12.99, and "Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Journey to Change the World... One Child at a Time" by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin for $7.99.

For comparison, "True Compass" currently sells for $19.25 for the Amazon Kindle, "I, Alex Cross" costs $9.99, and "Three Cups of Tea" costs $7.19.

Whether or not that was final, or merely mocked up pricing for the commercial, remains to be seen.

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Apple vs. Amazon vs. Macmillian -- Begun These e-Book Wars Have?

According to the NYT's Bits blog, Amazon has pulled Macmillan e-books due to a dispute over pricing, with Amazon wanting to hold the line at $9.99 and Macmillan wanting to raise it to an Apple iPad iBooks-like $14.99.

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