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Why emoji matter

If you aren't using emoji, you should be! And here's why!

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Apple previews the gender-diverse emoji coming in iOS 10, and they are good!

Come iOS 10, you'll be able to get your hands on more than 100 new and updated emoji. With more gender options and some nifty new objects, Apple's updated emoji better reflect your real life.

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How to use emoji and Tapbacks in iMessage for iOS 10

How do you get 3x emoji, emoji recommendations, emoji reactions, and emojifications? With the new iMessage effects in iOS 10!

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How to emojify your Mac with Rocket

Have you always wished it were easier to use emojis on your Mac? Today is your lucky day!

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Unicode 9.0 is now official with 72 new emoji

Unicode 9.0 is now official, making standard a set of 72 new emoji, 7,500 characters and more.

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Apple reportedly lobbied to scrap rifle emoji from next Unicode release

Apple reportedly successfully lobbied to keep the proposed rifle emoji out of the upcoming Unicode 9.0 release.

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These Celebs Have Caught A Case Of Emoji Keyboard Fever

We compiled a list of which celebrities have their very own Emoji keyboards, and why there's big business in the world of Emojis!

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Selfie and facepalm among 72 new emojis coming to your iPhone

Who likes emoji? The Unicode Consortium sure does, which is why it added 72 new candidates that will be available in Unicode 9.0. The latest batch includes a variety of new faces and objects, with the most notable being the selfie, facepalm, bacon, and shrug emojis.

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Need more Stephen Curry in your life? His new emoji app will do just that in absolute style

Emoji apps appear to be the new thing for folk these days and now Stephen Curry has joined the emojio app train with his own offering on the store.

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Best emoji apps for iPhone

A picture is worth 1,000 words — especially when it's an emoji!

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