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How to follow iMore on Google+!

One of the biggest advantages of being an iPhone, iPad, or Mac owner is being able to use pretty much every major service from pretty much every major company, including Google's social network, Google+. With full resolution photos, no strict character count, and built-in events and Hangouts video conferencing, there's a lot to recommend. What really puts it over the top, however, is that iMore's there for you as well! All our news, all our reviews, all our how-tos, all up in your Plus!

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Get your iMore daily dose on Google+, here's how!

If you're new to iMore, or new to social networking, you may not be aware that you can follow the site and the writers on Google+. We're talking social all week this week on Talk Mobile and so we're also showing you how you can get your daily dose of iMore across the different social platforms. So, if you're on Google+, check out the links below to follow the iMore team!

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iMore is on Facebook, here's how to get your daily dose!

We're talking social all this week on Talk Mobile, and you cant talk social without talking Facebook. More used than any other social network on the planet, there's a huge number of folks who spend a lot of time there. The good news is, while you're busy hanging out, poking your friends and liking a whole lot of stuff, you can also get your daily iMore fix, too!

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The iMore team is on Twitter, here's how to follow us all!

New to social networking, new to iMore, or maybe new to both! Today on Talk Mobile we kicked off social week by asking you all about where and how you share your social status. If your network of choice is Twitter, well, iMore and our staff are here for you!

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Now you can follow all of iMore on Google+!

If Google+ is your thing, we have some good news for you -- all of our iMore stories are now posted there for you to enjoy. And share. And plus. A lot.

That's right, just like Twitter, ADN, Facebook, and RSS, Google+ is now getting absolutely everything iMore has to offer. That includes news and editorials, apps and accessories, reviews and how-tos, podcasts and contests.

If you're curious how we're doing it, it's all thanks to's, you-could-call-it-experimental, support for the brand new Google+ write API. Yes, that does mean it might not be as stable as our other social feeds, but right now it seems to be working really well, and we'll be sure to keep an eye on it to make sure that continues.

So, if you use Google+, circle us up, and let's get plussy!

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Follow iMore and Mobile Nations on

You can now follow iMore, and our Mobile Nations sibling sites on the new social network/micro-blogging service:

And you can follow many of our editors, writers, and hosts there as well:

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