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Siri six months later: Community report card

Siri, the iPhone 4S' flagship feature has been on the market now for 6 months. On one hand, Siri is absolutely amazing -- the first real virtual personal assistant with a personality right out of Pixar. On the other hand, Siri is obviously still in beta and often fails or works just enough to frustrate more than any outright failure. That makes it an odd choice for a flagship feature, but given the lack of a physical redesign and the obvious potential for awesome demos, rightly or wrongly, Siri was what Apple had to work with.

But does it work for us?

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iPhone 4S six months later: Community report card

You've read our original iPhone 4S review and our iMore and Mobile Nations six months later round table, but as always the take that matters most is our community's. We asked the iMore Nation how the iPhone 4S was holding up for you some six months later, if it was still competitive, and if you'd still recommend it to a prospective new iPhone buyer. And boy did you answer!

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Follow Friday: iMore Nation edition

Back in the day it was all about the ICQ or AIM or BlackBerry PIN swap, but it's a bold new era of mobile and there are more ways then ever to keep connected and stay in touch. If you're new to iMore or if you've been here from the beginning, now's the time to clean out your community contacts and follow, friend, and plus up each other anew.

To find other great members of the iMore Nation to chat with, game with, and otherwise get social with, just visit one of these handy forum threads. Leave your contact info and grab everyone else's. Couldn't be easier!

To help get things going, here's mine, make sure you say hello!: iMore Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Game Center: Rene Ritchie, Ping

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The new iPad (2012) community report card

By now you've read our highly detailed iMore new iPad review, and the reality-checking Mobile Nations new iPad round-table, so there's only one part of our trifecta left -- your take. That's right, the most important thing at the end of the day is what you, the iMore community thinks of the new iPad. How does Apple's latest tablet meet your expectations and serve your needs. To find out and to give you your say, we ran several polls and you started several forum threads.

Here are the results to date.

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