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Help us help you and take the iMore 2014 Reader Survey! (Oh, and you can win free stuff, too!)

As you've no doubt noticed, 2013 was an incredible year for iMore. Our community has grown in the forums, the comments, and in the wider social networking sphere. iMore has never been better, from our coverage of the most important news to the latest and greatest in apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, to the insightful editorials and in-depth help and how-tos that define our coverage. And we didn't change our name again this year!

As great as 2013 was, we want 2014 to be even better. We're always looking for new ways to better serve you, our loyal readers, with what you need to know around iOS, Mac, Apple, and the mobile technology space. You've let us know that you love the expanded coverage, and we want to know what else you might want.

So we're checking in with you — yes, you — to get your feedback on what we're doing great here on iMore, where we can improve, and what new things you'd like to see us do. We've created a survey to do just that so you can tell us what you think. It will take at least a few minutes. Yes, it's a little on the long side, but that's because we want you to give us an honest critique on how we're doing. Your opinion truly does matter to us.

Oh, and once you reach the end of the survey you'll have the option to enter for your chance to win a brand-new Apple TV! Thanks for taking the time to take our survey — it really is appreciated.

Take the iMore 2014 Reader Survey!

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Editor's desk: What do you want to see from iMore in 2014?

2013 was a huge year for iMore. We covered CES, Macworld|iWorld, BlackBerry Live, MWC, GDC, Google IO, E3, WWDC, IFA, and completed a 10 week event all our own, Talk Mobile. We reviewed the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air, Retina iPad mini, iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, and some award winning and amazing apps. Sadly, we lost Leanna Lofte but gained shared custody of Richard Devine and launched our Mac coverage with Peter Cohen. Collectively, we wrote 4,965 posts containing 1,885,784 words, and produced 7 podcasts comprising 208 episodes, including the brand new Vector. Most importantly, we once again doubled our amazing community — all of you! — to almost 7 million readers a month. That makes us one of the very biggest Apple-focused communities on the planet, which is an incredible honor and huge responsibility, especially when it comes to figuring out... just what the #@(* is next?

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iOS and iOS 7 readership on iMore now dwarfs Windows and iOS 6

As might be expected, until recently most iMore readers used Windows to read iMore. That's been changing, and now the largest group of iMore readers are using iOS. That's amazing in two regards because, it shows our readership moving from a Microsoft platform to an Apple platform, and more interestingly, from traditional personal computers to mobile, very personal computing appliances. Equally amazing is how quickly iOS 7 adoption moved through our readership. Of course, the people who read iMore are probably the same people likely to update immediately, but even so within a week it all but obliterated iOS 6. Here are some rough numbers:

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Introducing the all-new iMore Chrome extension!

Those crazy kids at Android Central, combined with our awesome tech team, have instigated and implemented something that's going to make life a whole hell of a lot easier for iMore readers who happen to spend their lives in Chrome for Mac or Windows. (Hey, more than you think!) And that little bit of brightness is the brand spanking new iMore Chrome Extension.

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How to follow iMore on RSS, App Store, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more!

While we love everyone who visits iMore on the web - we are a website, after all! - we realize that it's even more important for us to be where you are. That's why we make it as easy as possible for you to follow us everywhere and anywhere you may be!

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How to get iMore to cover your apps and games

Today's Talk Mobile was all about helping developers better market their apps. Media outlets like iMore are an important part of that marketing, yet like any resource, we have our limits. We get dozens of app submissions a day and sometimes hundreds a week, but we only have time to cover a handful. And as much as we love developers and apps, we love our readers even more, and take our responsibility to them incredibly seriously. We're only ever going to offer them the very best apps and games we can find. To put it bluntly, if something looks or works like crap, we're not going anywhere near it.

So, if you're a developer and you've made an amazing app or game, what's the best way to ensure it gets featured on iMore? There's no absolute answer to that question -- it's a classic chaos equation -- but there's a lot of things that can help, and a few that can hinder:

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Get your Debug, Iterate, and iMore t-shirts in time for WWDC 2013!

Whether you're heading out to WWDC and need something snazzy to wear, or just want to be one of the best dressed people in your neck of the woods, here's a reminder: we've got the 2013 editions of the Debug, Iterate, and iMore shirts ready and waiting for you. If you're not familiar with the backstory, we made the originals up as gifts to our podcast guests, but after getting asked about them a bunch, we uploaded the designs to CafePress so just about anyone can order them. We're also offering them at cost. No markup. Our shows and sites are successful because of you, and if you enjoy them enough to want shirt, we're honored to provide them.

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Editor's desk: Putting the more in iMore

Change is scary. Change is exhilarating. Change is hard. It's going to be a huge month for iMore and Mobile Nations, and a lot of that involves change, growth, and our continual drive to reach for more.

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Welcome to iMore ... Peter Cohen!

Peter Cohen has spent most of his life writing about technology, especially as it pertains to Apple and gaming. He ran MacGaming, which was acquired by MacCentral, which in turn was acquired by Macworld, where Peter worked for many years as a Senior Editor. Since then, Peter has written for Mac|Life, MacUser (UK), Tap! and a variety of other online and print publications. Most recently, Peter began the Angry Mac Bastards podcast, and co-founded The Loop with Jim Dalrymple, where he serves as the executive editor.

Over the course of his career, Peter has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience, insight, and understanding, as well as a unique voice, attitude, and editorial sensibility.

And starting April 22, he's bringing it all to iMore.

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Forums: BlackBerry 10, iOS 6.1.3, iOS 6 vs Jelly Bean, iMore for iPhone 2.0

Interested in iPhone, iPad, or Apple and looking to have some great conversations? Got a burning question or frustrating problem you just want help fixing? Already an expert and eager to share your knowledge? Well, all that and more is just waiting for you in the iMore forums.

Here are today's hot topics:

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