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Maps Tips

How to use get directions and maps with Siri

If you've got both hands on the wheel and don't know where you're going, Siri and Maps can help.

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How to enable and use Maps extensions on iPhone and iPad

OS 10 is making it easier to get more out of the Maps app, by allowing third-party apps to add extensions. The main purpose of app extensions is to give you the ability to do things like book a reservation at a restaurant or call for a ride from services like Uber, without having to leave Maps.

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Maps: The Ultimate Guide

Maps for iPhone and iPad lets you get directions, find places of interest near and far, and explore the world from the ground... and the air!

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How to get directions with Maps on iPhone and iPad

From car to transit to walking, Apple Maps has a number of ways of organizing your navigation.

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How to find and share your location in Maps

With Maps you can not only find where you are, but what direction you're going, and share that information with just a few taps!

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How to report a problem in Maps on iPhone and iPad

If you ever find yourself running into a problem using Maps — say you find your favourite hangout is improperly labelled or outright missing in the app — don’t be passive. Get involved in the solution and report the issue to Apple.

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How to pin and favorite locations with Maps on iPhone and iPad

How do you remember important and frequent locations? By dropping a pin or favoriting them in Maps!

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How to add frequently used addresses to Maps for iPhone and iPad

If you have favorite places you like to go to frequently — friends and family, restaurants or clubs — bookmark them in maps so you can find the fast!

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How to view business information in Maps on iPhone and iPad

Is there a new restaurant in town you've been waiting to try? Did your furnace break down and you need a repair company? Are you still desperately searching for that perfect cup of coffee? Look no further than the Maps app!

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How to share location and directions with Maps for iPhone and iPad

With Maps, it’s never been easier to let people know exactly where you are.

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