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iBookstore updated for publishers, now accepts screenshots and the ability to issue promo codes

Apple has sent out a letter via its iTunes Connect portal to all of its registered iBookstore content publishers advising them of some much needed improvements. The iBookstore will now allow publishers to submit screenshots of their books but even more importantly, they can now generate and issue promotional codes for any content sold in the iBookstore.

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Apple testing a smaller 8-inch iPad according to The Wall Street Journal

Apple is testing an 8-inch iPad according to a report in the WSJ. Apparently Apple is working with component suppliers in Asia to test out a new size iPad with a smaller screen. According to the report, Apple wants to broaden its product pipeline to maintain its dominant position in the tablet market.

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Theater Consultants Collaborative use iPads to streamline stagecraft

Theater Consultants Collaborative or TCC helps its clients establish engineering specifications, plan infrastructure, and arrange interiors to accommodate lighting and sound systems, all in the name of theater. How do they do all of this work? Yes, you guessed it -- they use their iPads.

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Microsoft rolls out its MSN iPad app to the USA and Canada

Microsoft has rolled out its popular MSN app to the USA and Canada. It was originally launched at the end of January as a UK only release. The MSN app brings you all of the latest news, sports, entertainment and much more form the Microsoft network in a beautiful magazine style layout on your iPad.

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Apple iPad 3 announcement event rumored for first week of March

According to All Things D, Apple will announce the iPad 3 in the first week of March. All Things D have a superb track record when it comes to the timing of Apple events; so this is probably as accurate as you are going to get until it is officially announced.

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Amazon joins the trend of knocking Apple in its latest Kindle commercial, three Kindles for the price of one iPad

Amazon has joined the trend set by Samsung in knocking Apple in its commercials. Amazon’s latest commercial for its range of Kindle devices goes all out to make the point that you can buy three Kindle devices for the cost of one iPad.

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Hasbro’s new Lazer Tag guns use your iPhone or iPod touch for augmented reality and heads up display

Hasbro has announced that its next release of Lazer Tag guns will use your iPhone or iPod touch to provide augmented reality and a heads up display. The Lazer Tag guns can accept an iPhone or iPod touch which is slotted into the gun in a purpose made holder.

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VooMoteZapper turns your iPhone or iPad into universal remote, leaves all your old infrareds to collect dust

The VooMoteZapper is a clip on infrared remote control device that can take the place of your entire collection of home remote controls. The device simply clips into the dock connector of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5 and transforms it into a universal remote controller

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Devium Dash looks to replace your car audio system with your iPhone

The Devium Dash Kickstarter project is a replacement stereo system for your car with one big difference. Its brain is your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. This unique in car audio system is currently gaining a lot of interest on Kickstarter for good reason.

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Kensington and Chelsea College launches first iPhone photography course

Kenisngton and Chelsea College in the UK, is planning a new course which will be devoted entirely to taking photographs with the iPhone’s camera. The course in ‘iPhoneography’ is thought to be the first ever course of its kind in the United Kingdom.

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