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iPhone 4 vs. BlackBerry Bold 9900 (and Nexus S) browser battle!

You knew it was coming, right? The moment Chris got his hands on the new touch screen, front-facing QWERTY BlackBerry Bold 9900, he just couldn't wait to put it head to head against the other best mobile browsers in the business, Apple's iPhone 4 Safari and Google's Android browser as instantiated on the Samsung Nexus S.

This time around, as seen in the video above the BlackBerry Bold 9900 browser kept pace with the iPhone 4 and Samsung Nexus S we pitted it against and now, BlackBerry is enjoying the richer browsing experience it should have had all along.

It's interesting to note that all three (and HP webOS) are now using WebKit, the Apple-driven open source web rendering engine, but each have their own JavaScript engine and their own unique implementations. Most importantly, they're all pushing each other for better, faster, more powerful web support, and that's good for us.

Of course, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has a much smaller screen (in order to leave room for that keyboard), but we're sure the good folks at CrackBerry will repeat this battle with the full screen BlackBerry Torch 9850 when they get their geeky little hands on it.


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iPhone 4 vs Nexus S in Photos

iPhone 4. Nexus S. There's probably more to say about the differences than the similarities. Different operating systems? Check. Don't work with 3G on the same networks? Check. Different screen sizes? Check. Different philosophy and methodology towards multitasking? Check. Different video conferencing solutions (insofar as few to none work yet on the Nexus S)? Check.

The list goes on, but we're sort of guessing that for most the choice between the Nexus S and the iPhone 4 will be determined by carrier choice and OS preference more than whether Android's latest can go head-to-head with Steve Jobs' glass-encased wonderphone.

All that shouldn't stop you from hitting us after the break for a photo fight between the iPhone 4 and the Nexus S - with some extra attention paid to how the iPhone still has the best music player around while Android's just-released Google Maps 5.0 makes iOS's version look a little lacking.

Want more? Be sure to hit up our frenemies at Android Central for all the latest on the Nexus S.

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Why Apple probably isn't worried about the Nexus S

I was wrong when I wrote last week that Google's Nexus line of Android phones were brilliant examples of counter-programming the iPhone. I still believe that of the Nexus One but not of the Nexus S.

I bought a Nexus One when it was made available with AT&T/Rogers-friendly 3G bands and was fairly certain I would be getting a Nexus 2 when it came out. But it didn't. The Nexus S came out instead and while I joked the S was 2 written backwards I now believe they deliberately didn't use the 2 and I think I know why.

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Apple TV vs Xbox, Google Nexus S, iPhone apps, iPad upgrade - From the Forums

The TiPb forums are naturally a great place to talk, commiserate, celebrate, get help, and offer advice to your fellow iPhone users. In order to create a new thread of your own or reply to any of the existing threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is easy and free so if you haven’t already, head on over and register now!

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Google Nexus S vs. Apple iPhone 4... websites?

Pictured above are the new Google Nexus S webite (!/index) and the iPhone 4 website ( launched back in June. Apple is no doubt hugely flattered.

[Nexus S and iPhone 4 via Brad W. Allen via Daring Fireball]

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