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Os X

Best backup plan for your Mac

How do you backup your Mac locally and online so you never risk losing your important files and photos? Here are your options!

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How to use Launchpad on Mac

We’ll take you through how to launch and search for applications in Launchpad and even how to troubleshoot the issue of apps not showing up.

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How to get Night Shift on your Mac right now using f.lux

If you love Night Shift for the iPhone and iPad and wish you could get it on your Mac, your wish has been granted!

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How Optimized Storage in macOS Sierra will affect your iCloud limit

Optimized Storage on macOS Sierra will help keep your Mac cleaned up, but how much will it count against your iCloud storage limit?

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How to see what version of OS X your Mac is running

Certain apps and devices won’t work with your Mac if it doesn’t run a certain version (or higher) of OS X and instead of trying to remember what the last update you downloaded, there is an easy way to check.

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How to force quit an app or program on Mac

Chances are you’ve probably encountered the “rainbow wheel of death” once or twice during your time as a Mac user. Instead of sitting there getting more frustrated with each passing minute, let us show you how to find the program causing the problem and force quit the app.

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Apple quietly outs 'next-generation' file system destined for full product lineup

Though it didn't make it into the keynote session, Apple has quietly unveiled a new "next-generation" file system destined for its full product lineup in 2017.

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macOS: What iMore hopes to see from OS X at WWDC 2016

Apple’s oldest shipping operating system is about to be made new again. Here’s our wish list for the next version of OS X.

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Apple may soon let you unlock your Mac using Touch ID on your iPhone

Apple may be working to bring Touch ID to the Mac, albeit in an unexpected way: your iPhone.

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How to download OS X 10.11.5 on your Mac

OS X 10.11.5 is now available for your Mac computer and here's how to download and install it!

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