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os x preview

Mavericks Preview: Timer Coalescing boosts Mac laptop battery life

Of the many advanced technologies being introduced in OS X Mavericks, one of the most useful for Mac laptop users is Timer Coalescing. It's an energy-saving technique that promises to extend battery life on your Mac laptop by forcing the laptop's CPU into a low-power mode whenever it's available.

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OS X Mavericks Preview: OS X Server - friend to Macs, iOS devices

In all that's been written or said about OS X Mavericks, precious few words have been saved for OS X Server, which, of course, is getting the Mavericks treatment too. Let's take a look at some of the enhancements coming to OS X Server when Mavericks bows this fall.

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OS X Mavericks preview: Multiple Displays finally work like they're supposed to

Macs have supported simple-to-use multi-monitor displays since an era when they were unknown on PCs. Like, back when Macs were still predominantly black and white machines, when people wore suits with huge shoulder pads and big hair was all the rage. (I once had an SE/30 equipped with a video card that powered an external display.) But when OS X Lion came out in 2011, Apple backslid when they introduced full-screen apps, which would cause one monitor to display a pattern while the other one held the app. And using Spaces since Lion - especially with multiple monitors - was an exercise in teeth-grinding frustration. Apple's changing that in Mavericks, making multiple displays finally work the way they're supposed to. And it looks like a lot of you are looking forward to it - based on our recent poll, more than half of respondents are enthusiastic about these improvements.

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OS X Mavericks preview: Safari

While it's great to have a boatload of improvements in the operating system, few of us would be able to use Mavericks for too long without having to surf the Web for something. So it's good news that Apple is improving Safari for Mavericks as well. Many of the enhancements are under the hood tweaks aimed at improving performance, but there are some new features to talk about as well.

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OS X Mavericks preview: iBooks

Apple's ebook reader software, iBooks, was first introduced when the iPad debuted in April 2010 and later became available for other iOS devices with iOS 4's release. It's never been essential software - Apple offers it as an optional free download from the App Store rather than including it with every shipping iOS device - but it's an obvious killer app, especially for the iPad. And now, with Mavericks, we'll finally get it for the Mac.

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