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Safari 4

Apple Updates Mac OS X Safari to 4.0.4 -- Raises Stakes in JavaScript Wars

Apple has just released desktop Safari for Mac and Windows to 4.0.4, which improves full history search performance, has the mandatory stability improvements, and security fixes, but the big news as far as we're concerned is the number one item on the list -- Improved JavaScript performance

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Apple Releases Safari 4 Developer Preview

What is it? The latest build of Apple's next generation desktop browser, based on their Open Source WebKit framework. Why do we care? Because the very same framework powers the desktop version's baby brother, MobileSafari on the iPhone, and while the 2.0 firmware brought some improvements to the latter, we ain't seen nothing like 4.0 yet.

Quoth Apple Insider:

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Safari 4 to Take Aim at Flash, Beef up Web 2.0 Apps

Hot on the heels of the just released Safari 3.1, some of whose features are reportedly trickling down to baby brother MobileSafari on the iPhone 2.0 firmware, Apple has reportedly begun seeding early builds of Safari 4 (5526.11.2) to developers.

The big news? WebKit's screaming fast SquirelFish Javascript engine is a go, and 53% faster, which will be huge for Web 2.0 apps like Google's... and the newly announced MobileMe service from Apple, of course!

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