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A redesigned Tweetbot for Yosemite gets a blurry teaser

Tweetbot, one of our favorite Twitter apps, looks like it's finally getting the redesign we've been clamoring for for, well, years. The Mac app has seen several updates since release, and even a surprise disappearance and return to the App Store, but has carried something of a legacy styling into this modern OS X Yosemite era. That all is poised to change at some point later this year, if this blurry teaser from Tapbots developer Mark Jardine is any indication.

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Tweetbot for Mac returns to the Mac App Store

Yesterday Tweetbot for Mac experienced authentication issues with Twitter and was temporarily pulled from the Mac App Store until those issues could be resolved. Well, they've been resolved and Tweetbot is now back for the Mac. It might take a while to propagate through the servers, but if you haven't grabbed it already, you'll soon be able to do so through the usual link.

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Tweetbot for Mac currently unavailable from the Mac App Store

Tweetbot for Mac, one of the more popular Twitter apps for OS X, is currently unavailable from the Mac App Store. That's led to some speculation about what might have happened. Since there's been no official word Twitter or from the developer, Tapbots as to cause, any and all of it remains just that: speculation.

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What's on Ally's Yosemite dock right now!

The Mac is still the most important device in my workflow. I depend on it each and every day to get my job done here at iMore. From article ideas to rough drafts to editing photography, my iMac and my MacBook Air are indispensable. Of course, the machine itself isn't what drives my workflow, it's the apps. I've already given you a look at what's on both my iPhone 6 and my iPad Air 2, so here's a look at my Mac dock, and the apps I use on a daily basis!

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Deep, deep dive into Twitter apps for iPhone and iPad

If you've ever found yourself longing for a dissertation on the relative merits of Twitter for iPhone and iPad, Twitterrific for iPhone and iPad, and Tweetbot for iPhone โ€” including loading timeline gaps and tweet marker sync, web views, cards and previewing tweets, extensions, gestures, profiles, lists, tweetstorms, direct messages, uploading photos, discover, muting, fave and retweet counts, search, timeline, and new twitter โ€” then you're in for a real treat. You're in for over 20K words of treat!

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Best Twitter apps for iPhone

Twitter has changed. It's no longer the domain of nerds and conferences but now serves the mainstream, not to mention pop stars with tens of millions of followers. Twitter's official app has changed with it, altering the way everything from the timeline to direct messages work and are surfaced. It's not what it once was, and its certainly not for everyone. Luckily many really good Twitter app alternatives also call the App Store home. And that's a very good thing, because many people use Twitter very differently. For some, it's just a way to follow celebrities or keep up with news. For others, its a virtual water cooler to chat around during work breaks. For yet others, it's a network to expand their social connections and market their wares. Different apps suit different use-cases. So if you're only interested in the best iPhone apps where Twitter is concerned, these are the ones we'd recommend!

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Tweetbot 3.5 adds iOS 8 support with extensions, interactive notifications

Tweetbot for iPhone has updated to version 3.5, adding support both for iOS 8 as well as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Tweetbot now supports extensions, interactive notifications, and more.

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Tweetbot for Mac updated for multi-image upload, more

Mac Twitter client Tweetbot has been updated to allow multiple images to be uploaded and shared at the same time. Along with the notable feature change, there are also other improvements and bug fixes as well. The app is now in version 1.6 and the latest update brings the OS X app more closely aligned in terms of features with the iOS version.

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Tweetbot for iPhone now handles multiple images

Tapbots has pushed out a nice little update to the popular Tweetbot Twitter app for iPhone that among other things brings support for multiple images. With this latest version you're able to post and view multiple images right within one Tweet. Nifty. Here's what else is new:

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New and updated apps: PCalc, Vesper, Tweetbot, SKRWT, Acorn and more!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Here they are! Today we've got photography apps, organizational tools, a vital update to a popular social media app and more!

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