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Top 5 best New Year's resolution apps for iPhone and iPad

TiPb takes a look at the top 5 best iPhone and iPad apps to help you succeed with your New Year's resolutions in fitness, finances, organization, dieting, and kicking a bad habit.

2012 is the year you're going lose weight, get in shape, get your finances in order, quit smoking, and organize your life - and your iPhone and iPad apps are going to help you with your success! There are a plethora of apps out there to choose from, however, so we've gathered up a few of our favorites to help you with your New Year's resolutions.

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Developer Spotlight: Paul Haddad of Tapbots

TiPb's developer spotlights are like DVD/iTunes Extras for the App Store -- a weekly look behind the scenes at the programers and designers that bring you the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games you love. This week Rene talks with Paul Haddad of Tapbots.

What's your name? Paul Haddad

What's your company's name? Tapbots

Where are you located? Flower Mound, TX

What's your website address? http://tapbots.com

What's your Twitter name? @tapbot_paul and @tapbots

What apps do you make? Weightbot, Convertbot, Pastebot, Calcbot, Tweetbot

What apps, other than your own, are currently among your favorites? My favorite Apps tend to be Mac based: Transmit, VMWare, TextMate, VLC, TF2 :^)

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TiPb Picks of the Week: New Year's resolution edition

Every week a few of us from team TiPb will bring you our current favorite, most fun and useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they’re iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related, they’re fair game.

This week, we have chosen apps that will help us keep our new year's resolutions. To see what we picked, and to tell us your pick, follow on after the break!

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TiPb Give Away: Convertbot and Weightbot for iPhone!

The totally titanic team at Tapbot have gone above and beyond for TiPb readers with this one!

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State of the Apps: Dev-Cash in Hand, Keywords Spammed, iBoobs banned, Approval Process Jammed

While many iPhone devs probably haven't struck it rich (just as many of the apps flooding the store haven't yet been strike-it-rich worthy), quality products that find an audience are still proving to be massive income sources for some developers reports Fake Steve Real Dan Lyons in Newsweek:

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Apps for Less: Weightbot, Party Pro, Armado

Is one of your New Year resolutions to shed a few pounds? Well if it is then this application, Weightbots, by Tabots[iTunes Link] is just for you.


blockquote>Whether you are trying to lose (or gain) a few pounds, tracking your weight has never been more fun. Set your goal weight, record your weight at any interval (one weight per day max), view your BMI, and see your progress on a beautiful graph. Weightbot also has a built-in secure password feature to protect your weight from prying eyes. It’s easy to use, surprisingly addicting, and designed for everyone to enjoy. Even if you are not actively dieting, you will love tracking your weight just to use Weightbot.

Get it now for the holiday sale price of $.99!

Next up is a nice little 21 and over bar app from Helmes Innovations, Party Pro. [iTunes Link] There are a few other free solutions if you are looking drink recipes, but what makes this app stand out is a GPS bar locator! Very nifty indeed. ;)


blockquote>Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? Like to Party? Party like a Pro. Everything you need for a party is now on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can mix a drink, find a bar and much more all from your iPhone or iPod Touch. This is the ultimate party guide for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Again, this app is on sale for a limited time for $.99 so be sure to grab it soon!

Last but not least we have a great new game on sale! Tricky Software's Armado [iTunes Link] is now on sale! Check out the video after the break to see what you get for $.99!

Have you found an app on sale we might have missed? Your favorite at a bargain price? Hit the comments and let us know!

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TiPb Interview: Weightbot Developers Mark Jardine and Paul Haddad Discuss iPhone Interface Innovation

Mark Jardine and Paul Haddad of Tapbots are the breakout designers and engineers behind Weightbot (iTunes link), one of the most original user experiences released on the iPhone App Store to date. Continuing the iPhone blog's behind-the-scenes look at iPhone application development, Mark and Paul were kind enough to take time and discuss their ideas on interface and interactivity, and how what more we might expect from Apple's next generation mobile platform.

TiPb: How was approaching the iPhone interface for this App different than how you would have approached an interface for another platform?

Mark: It was really different coming from a web design background. 320x460 isn't a lot of space to work with and then you have to factor in the huge difference in input devices. A person's finger is a lot less accurate than a mouse cursor. At the same time, I wasn't designing a website so I was freed from a lot of rules and conventions I've been following over the past 8 years. So my initial approach was pretty simple. If Weightbot was an actual physical device, how could I make it usable and fun at the same time?

Paul: The thing I found challenging about dealing with the iPhone interface is that users want a silky smooth and yet the iPhone and iPod touch are both very slow compared to any modern Mac. I spent a lot of time juggling things around in order to get a consistent 60 fps for all the various animations within Weightbot. Coming from our current Multi Gigahertz, Multi Gigabyte and Multi Core world where for the most part you don't have to worry about performance to a platform like the iPhone where every cycle and byte counts is a big change.

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App Preview: Weightbot for the iPhone

Updated: Now available via the iTunes App Store

Want to get attention for your App? Innovative and drop dead gorgeous UI is one heckuva way to do it. Enter Weightbot from Tapbots. Killer mascot, even more interesting user experience. These are the kinds of high-polish Apps we've been waiting for (no pun intended!)

Anyone else pushing the iPhone envelope? Please let us know!

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