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iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 Breaks AT&T Tethering Hack, Allows Wi-Fi Testing, Intros Augmented Reality APIs?

Following up on last night' release of iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 firmware and SDK, developers are finding more changes and new features.

  • TUAW reports that the AT&T IPCC hack, where the carrier file was modified to allow iPhone tethering sans official AT&T sanction no longer works. Bummer, given AT&T still hasn't announced anything about legitimate tethering support or pricing.

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Apple Addresses iPhone and iPod touch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Problems - Reset, Redo, Restore, Repair

Apple has updated a knowledge base article for those "Unable to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with iPhone or iPod touch because there's no address listed for the device", which is something we've heard quite a bit about lately. The four-pronged approach:

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iPhone 3.0 Still Causing Wi-Fi Problems?

Back when iPhone 3.0 launched, we heard Wi-Fi was giving problems to some -- primarily iPod touch -- users. Various network resets or OS restores seem to have quieted that down, but now TUAW is reporting that the newly launched iPhone 3GS might be suffering Wi-Fi troubles as well:

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How To: Turn on WiFi While the iPhone 3G/EDGE Radio is Off

Well I'm sure by now you have heard the latest Smarthphone Experts Roundtable Podcast! (If you haven't had a chance to listen you better get on it, great podcast!)

You may have heard our very own fearless leader, Dieter, chime in on one thing that he hates about iPhone 3G, the fact that you can not turn on Wi-Fi while the radio is off (in Airplane Mode). Or so Dieter thought. You can indeed turn Wi-Fi on while the radio is off! And doing so is a snap!

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AT&T discontinues free Wi-Fi for iPhone users?

According to reports submitted to MacRumors, users are no longer able to access free Wi-Fi at Starbucks and Barnes & Nobles Locations.

I am sure this is due to a “beta” phase for AT&T to test connectivity. Once wind got out that people are accessing it, they stopped. The fact that AT&T is even doing this is really cool; it adds value to the AT&T proposition for their mobile service.

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iPhone 2.0: 802.1x a Win for Business and Universities

When the iPhone and iPod Touch first shipped, many eager big business users and university students snapped up the "breakthrough internet devices" only to find that, because the iPhone and iPod Touch didn't support the 802.1x protocol, they couldn't connect to some very large Wi-Fi networks.

Posts piled up on Apple's Discussion Boards, feature requests and bug reports flooded in (I know I sent one!), and, as of the SDK Roadmap event on Thursday, Apple has listened! 802.1x has been announced for firmware 2.0!

But what is it and why's is it so important?

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