Target To Carry iPad Starting Oct. 3rd

Target has announced it will indeed start carrying the iPad in its retail stores across the country starting October 3rd:

As a way to drive traffic to stores this holiday, Target also announced it would begin carrying six models of Apple Inc.'s iPad, starting $499, starting Oct. 3.

Target will be the largest retail chain to carry the iPad. Its shares rose $1.20, or 2.2 percent, to $54.97. The models include 16-, 32-, and 64-gigabyte versions of both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models.

Customers who have a Target credit card will also be eligible for a 5 percent discount on the device, once the card launches on Oct. 17.

Will you go buy an iPad from Target using your Target card for a discount? Sound off below!

[Associated Press]

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Reader comments

Target To Carry iPad Starting Oct. 3rd


As a Target employee who would had saved 20% on my 32GB iPad if I had known about this about 6 weeks earlier, I'm a little upset. Naturally, my iPad can't be returned to Best Buy because of their 30-day return policy. Great.

It would be cool to see one of those Target commercials for the iPad. I know that won't happen, though. Apple's ads are definitely polished and classy, but the Target ads are a lot more fun.

Holding out for 2Gen iPad. I have noticed that target has a nice selection of apple, and iPod accessories.

I'm sure I'll have a friend who wants an iPad and will ask to use my discount but I personally don't see a need in MY life for an iPad. I love my ip4 and I'm in need of a new laptop.

Buy it now and then sell it for nearly full price after the next one comes out. That's one of the great things about Apple products: resale. The iPad is one of those things you think you don't really need before you buy it, and then you can't imagine living without it once you have it.

@Brian if I had the money :)
@Daniel it's not a new card, it's a change in the reward program for both check and credit cards. As it stands right now for every thousand dollars you put on your card you get a 10% coupon in the mail. After Oct 17th you will just get 5% off everytime you use the card.

hey mike! the first dude who wrote on this forum. Can you email me at I am a target employee and I didn't know we got 20 percent off? i thought we got 10 percent. can u help? Thank u sooooooo much!