How to theme your iPhone with Winterboard [Jailbreak]

A lot of people are curious how to theme their iPhone's -- not just change the wallpaper but customize the whole look of the interface, including icons, menu bars, fonts, and more. Enter Winterboard, a free Jailbreak app you can download for free via Cydia.

Winterboard is a necessary utility to install themes and most customizations. Many veteran jailbreakers will remember the days of Summerboard as well. Winterboard took its place a few years back and improved upon several things. When you install a theme, all the components will show up in Winterboard.

Depending upon how a theme developer decided to bundle their theme, you may have only one package in Winterboard, or you may have several. I personally prefer when developers separate theme elements. Since Winterboard works as a hierarchy, I can select a theme and if I don't like the sounds, I can download a sound pack I "do" like and apply that in Winterboard. The key is to move it above the main theme so it overrides the sounds you don't want.

I highly suggest jailbreakers become familiar and comfortable with Winterboard. If you do, there is no limit to what you can do to your phone and you'll be able to tweak and customize even the littlest details of your springboard.

If you want to more, check out our complete guide to Jailbreak basics. If you need help, head on over to our Jailbreak Themes Forum! If you're a veteran themer already. let us know some of your favorites!

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Allyson Kazmucha

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How to theme your iPhone with Winterboard [Jailbreak]


@frank sobotka
winterboard is still used by NUMEROUS individuals, regardless of your opinion.
while constructive criticism is welcome, you'll notice i edited your comment. before you post next time, look up the words "tact" and "adult"

Thanks, appreciate the tips. I havent really bothered with themes but I think I'll start playing around with them. Do some affect battery life?

I was looking for a them that allowed you to display the percentage of Bat Life?
Is that a global setting in winterboard or part a theme package?

yes, they do; adversely i might add. ESPECIALLY in the Iphone 4. winterboard decreases battery life approximately 35%(documented) as well as limiting system resources that cause instability within apps and CRASHING of the entire OS.

It also changes the icon fonts, removing the iOS4 shadow effect and changing the colour. About time that was fixed.