TiPb 2009 Valentine's Day iPhone Gift Guide

Unlike the snow, TiPb's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide has come and gone, but while festivities pass, the gift of giving lasts all year long -- especially when loved ones are expecting them some Valentine's gift love! So, TiPb once again comes to the rescue with our 2009 Valentine's Day iPhone Gift Guide!

Need something special for that someone special? We got'cha covered after the break!


Carrier subsidies means you still can't just walk into a store and buy your sweetheart an iPhone 3G, but Apple has thrown you a tiny, little bone with iPhone gift certificates, which, like Apple Store and iTunes gift certificates, fit neatly in a heart-shaped candy box and can help take the sting out of buying an iPhone or some content.


Tired of your sweet-talk cutting off after a full day of surfing and gaming the iPhone's battery away? Not a problem. Just get your honey (and yourself) an extender. The Mophie Juice Pack works like a case, the Seidio Innocell fits like an extender, or the RichardSolo dongles off the bottom. And if you just want to plug in and re-charge, everyone at TiPb loves the Griffin PowerDuo. Check them out, and then chat the night away!


Want to protect the one you love? And their iPhone? Cases are the way to go. Whether it's our favorite from last year, the Innocase II , the latest and most Barely-There from Case-Mate (yep, it comes in hot pink!), or the sheer goodness of a BodyGuardz Skin, nothing says love like an iPhone glove! And if you want full-on armor, check out ElementCase (now in hot Valentine colors!)


What's hotter than hands-free? Get your car kit on with the Parrot Minikit Slim for speaker goodness, or the latest from Motorola, the H15 if you prefer to take it anywhere, on the go. Bling your thing? The Jawbone 2 is still tough to beat, especially for whispering those noise-free sweet nothings.


It wouldn't be a special occasion without every developer and their marketer pushing out the App Store Valentine tie-ins (iTunes search link), would it? We haven't tried any out yet (we prefer to wait until the last minute, panic, and then desperately try to load up our true love's iPhone with Apps before a vase gets broken over our non-romantic, terminally insensitive heads), but Apple has their "picks" (iTunes featured link), and we'd love to get your thoughts in the comments!

Your Recommendations?

What did we miss? Any killer apps? Must-have accessories? What does your secret admirer need to leave at your doorstep this Valentine's Day? Drop some ideas in the comments, would ya? Make sure we don't end up sleeping on the couch (again!) this year...

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TiPb 2009 Valentine's Day iPhone Gift Guide


You missed one that launched pretty late, but it's an absolute riot. It's called "Rogue Cupid". I won't spoil the humor, but it starts perfectly nice and turns into something much cooler. haha. I love it. It's something for those of us who think Valentine's Day is just a big Hallmark scam. :)

Thanks for writeing this post! I can't belive that it's really almost Valentine's Day, where does the time fly?