TiPb Give Away: Barista for iPhone

Want to take your coffee to the next level? Turn your iPhone into your own gourmet coffee coach with Barista [iTunes link]. With an awesome interface, step-by-step instructions, pro-level tips and tricks, an easy to understand explinations, Barista is currently on 66% off sale in the App Store [iTunes link] but what's better than cheap? FREE!

The kind folks at BaristaApp have given us a couple (2) promo codes to give on to you. Just drop a comment below telling them -- and us -- your favorite coffee beverage!

(Drawing will be random and you'll need access to the US App Store to redeem your promo code. Be sure to leave a valid email address, we won't make it public but we'll need it to contact you with your code).

Good luck, and more importantly... good coffee making!

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Reader comments

TiPb Give Away: Barista for iPhone


My fav is a double espresso straight up pure jet fuel when I wanna take off I don't play around with any cream milk or sugar.

Starbucks White Hot Chocolate but when I'm in the mood for coffee it's Peppermint Mocha Latte.

My favorite would have to be a home made vanilla latte with Lavazza espresso beans and 1% organic milk!

I enjoy mixing various coffees to create new blends. I then use them in either a stove top espresso maker or French press. Heaven! Try mixing 1 part Guatemalan dark roast, 6 parts Kenyan AA, and 3 parts Ethiopian Yrgicheff...

Triple espresso macchiato with foam to the top of the cup (or mug) is my favorite drink at the moment! This, along with an Equal-type sweetener in the espresso - NOT in the foam! - make this drink perfect to me.

Caramel Macchiato, White Chocolate Mocha, Pumpkin Spice Latte...yum!! Must find Starbucks now!!

What a huge response already; thanks for the giveaway!
Straight-up, solid black coffee for me. Gimme the dark, muddy stuff that makes a grown man wince while sipping--mmm, tasty.

My order at Starbucks is always the same:
Triple Shot, Sugar Free Hazelnut, Non Fat, Extra Dry Latte or if you look at my starbusk cup every morning
I like coffee just a bit LOL

i worked at starbucks for 2.5 years.. it's so hard to pick a favorite!
yesterday i got a grande nonfat with caramel sauce white mocha. :)

I love the Lindt gourmet coffee! Just add some sugar, French vanilla cream, and presto! That's my kind of coffee!!!

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