Tour of iPad-controlled award winning Savant powered smart home

HD Media Systems, a Savant AV dealer, has put together a great looking iPad-controlled smart home system. The setup uses wall mounted iPads to control the home and even includes a virtual dinner bell to get the kids to the table on time; something we could all do with!

The real world stories of iPads being used in home automation situations just keep on coming, don't they? Earlier in the week we heard that the iPad was being deployed by Solstice Multimedia,

Take a look at the rather long video after the break. Unfortunately the audio seems a little out of sync! Is anyone tempted to install a system in their home? Let us know in the comments!

[Automated Home, Savant AV]

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Tour of iPad-controlled award winning Savant powered smart home


I don´t see why waste a complex multimedia device, which produces a a lot of toxic waste to manufacture, in one simple function. What about sustainability, respect for the environment etc. Should we even be encouraging this?

I cannot agree with Frank72 more. Why do they need a built in device AND roaming devices. You can't use them both. I'd personally just have one ipad and simply remove it from its 'dock' when needed.

When there's an iPad required to control your home, you're going to want at least ONE 'slave' that you can rely on being where it should be, especially if you have children.
If you're an iPad user, you're going to want at least 2 iPads in the home, one permanently mounted.

Agreed. Cant I just use the iPhone I already have in my left hand instead? I dunno. I guess I'm more about minimalism. I'm a huge geek and I still wouldn't want all these devices in my home!
PS- All those great gadgets and not a single lav mic to be found..

Apparently it can be controlled from their iphone--the installer says that.
As to waste, a house like this large is excessive in its very nature, but features that allow this much control preserve energy and resources in other ways. Such as not running water to find the correct temperature, and regulating pressure flow. It's a trade-off many favor when you look at the #s across the long term.

What a horrible video. The host sucks and they only showed a couple of the features actually working. Would have been nice to see what the lighting did after the guy hit the button...

Not just the video is poorly made, the audio is out of sync. lol Besides, 240p and 360p should just be done away with already on any display other than mobile devices.
As for those crying about wastefulness, puh-lease. Life is short and if you got it, let them pour their money into the economy. The opposite of decadence is envy and we all know, if we're honest with one another, that you'd live it up if the roles were reversed...right? Yea...exactly.

Life is short, eh? Thank god none of us have children that will live here after us, and nobody else is being born so we don´t really have to worry about our resources...right? Yea...exactly.

I can tell you my recent experience. Paid WAY too much for a Savant system that has not worked well from day one. Customer service is virtually nonexistent. The company refuses to help insisting that you go through their authorized dealer who then charges an obscene amount of money to do try to get the system to work as advertised. The system is not user friendly (it does not even allow me to make a playlist of on the media server). It constantly crashes when it does briefly work. It's as if a bunch of old Microsoft Windows 3 guys designed and and installed this. Bottom line: Overpriced and under delivered.