Tweetcaster Pro updates with iPad support

Tweetcaster Pro has been updated as a universal application for iPhone and iPad.

  • Multiple Account Support
  • Facebook Integration
  • “Zip It” (Hide unwanted tweets)
  • Peekaboo Links - Link Preview
  • In-App Notifications
  • Tweet Power Swipe
  • Timeline Search
  • iTunes Music Sharing and purchasing integration
  • Geolocation/Nearby functionality
  • Advanced Profile Editing
  • Multiple Themes
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Follower Management
  • Long tweet Support
  • Draft Manager
  • Lists
  • Twitter Trends
  • Instapaper/Read It Later Integration
  • Threaded Conversations
  • Standard features such as Search, URL shortening, Photo/Video Uploading, Retweets (with or without comment)

I really like Tweetcaster's UI. It has a very nice design and makes good use of popups without overusing them. I'll likely be using Tweetcaster as my primary Twitter app on the iPad.

Tweetcaster Pro is available for $4.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Leanna Lofte

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There are 6 comments. Add yours.

Geek For i  says:

Still waiting for Tweetbot to hit up the iPad

TychoQuad says:

You'll probably be waiting a long time, they haven't even said their working on an iPad version, and they took over a year to build the iPhone version.

Randy Ojeda says:

Is it better than Echofon?

Wayne Williams says:

Anything is better than Echofon.

JNGold says:

Echofon may be long-in-the-tooth in terms of interface (it is one of the first clients available for the iPhone), but it certainly one of the most stable, feature-ridden clients on either the iPhone or iPad. It has Push notifications, Wifi push streams, muting options, sync across all iDevices and desktop, in-line pic viewing, and more.

Wayne Williams says:

Been playing with this for a few minutes and it does seem nice. I love the UI, which I'm a sucker for, so I'll be using it as my primary on the iPhone and the iPad for a while to see how it goes. Right now, my fav is TwitBird Pro, so we'll see what happens after a few days.