Tweetings for iPad - app review and giveaway!

Tweetings for iPad is a relatively new Twitter client.  It comes not only for iPad, but iPhone and Mac as well (we'll look at the iPhone version next time).  Tweetings is all around a very full featured Twitter client.  It has everything from unread tweet management, geolocation tagging, now playing, nearby tweets, and even push notifications.

Tweetings has also recently been updated to support iOS 4 and iPhone 4.  The update also fixed a couple bugs including one that really irked me -- scrolling.  It only did it with certain themes but it was irritating nonetheless.  The problem seems to have disappeared since the update.

Read on for a breakdown, pics, and how you can win a free copy of Tweetings for iPad!

For the most part, Tweetings should be very familiar to you if you've used clients such as Twitter for iPhone (formerly Tweetie 2). Tweetings comes complete with pull down to refresh and even carries familiar UI elements to Twitter/Tweetie 2. To me, that's part of what I really loved. The UI isn't completely overdone. I'm a fan of simple and elegant; a streamlined UI is typically what wins me over. It's typically the reason I've stuck with Twitter for iPhone, the interface and simplicity.

Don't let Tweetings completely fool you though, it may look simple but it carries some pretty advanced features. It also has native push. I attempted to test this by keeping Boxcar active and the push for Tweetings. For the most part, it was touch and go. Sometimes Boxcar would chime in first, other times Tweetings would. I'm only going to assume this has to do with how busy both servers are at any given time. Either way, I'd call it a pretty fair fight.

From the screenshot above, you can see how Tweetings also has a feature that will allow me to combine two users timelines together. It's very similar to a conversation type feature, but I somewhat like it better. Say I wasn't sure what Leanna was replying to, well if she @ replied me with any tweet, and not that specific one, a conversation tool wouldn't pick that up, where completely combining our timelines, I can easily read through and pick out what she was talking about. This to me is extremely useful and intuitive.

Direct Messages are also now grouped by user, which I prefer. No one likes scrolling through pages of direct messages searching for something. I believe this was implemented in the most recent update as well.

The iPad version also has a quickpost feature which I like quite a bit. It just brings a little box down and monitors your characters. If you'd like to attach a photo or other type of media, just go to the regular compose screen.

Clicking on a user's display picture will also present you with a quick view of ways you can interact with that user, which I find extremely useful.

You can also click on the physical tweet to be presented with several more options including seeing that users profile, location, and of course, your combined timelines.

There's also a lot of fun extras I found within Tweetings such as TweetCost, a spam reporter, and a block feature. You can also tweet now playing, which will probably be a fun feature for a lot of users.

Overall, I'd say Tweetings is an all-around solid choice. I experienced a few bugs here and there, but the developer seems pretty quick to fix them. He can also be found on twitter with the handle @Tweetingsapp. He's very responsive to issues and questions. So if you're in the market for a Twitter client or you're bored of your current one, I'd have no issues telling you to give Tweetings a try. It's very reasonably priced for what it is. If you decide to take it for a spin, or currently use it, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Reasonably priced
  • Tons of basic and advanced features
  • Lots of extras
  • Great developer support and frequent updates
  • Available across 3 platforms
  • Built-in push that actually works


  • Experienced a few crashed in the iPad version
  • Sometimes conversation view doesn't catch everything
  • Settings panel could be simplified just a bit, it could be a bit overwhelming to Twitter beginners

TiPb iPad 4-star rated


Want a free copy of Tweetings for iPad? Just leave a comment below telling us what you want in an iPad Twitter client. What feature is most important to you?

(Reminder: Promo codes require a US App Store account -- Apple's rule, not ours! -- and they expire. If you get one, use it quickly!)

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Tweetings for iPad - app review and giveaway!


While we're still waiting for the iOS4 iPad update, at this point the most important feature for any Twitter client is going to be multitasking and notifications of incoming tweets. I'm surprised we aren't seent a lot of this already.

I really liked this client for the iPad until the latest update. Apparently, someone at Tweetings felt a split screen view in landscape was better than the tabbed view in the prior versions. I preferred the tab view which took which was less intrusive on screen real-estate in both portrait and landscape views.
I want to go back to using Osfoora on the iPad but I can't stand the dark theme anymore. I also hope that they don't follow suit with a split screen viewing mode.

I'm still looking for an app that manages lists as well as TweetDeck, but with better new/read indicators. And TweetDeck doesn't exactly strike me as the kind of app that's likely to get an iOS4 update even after the iPad gets its upgrade.

I want a Twitter app that is like twitter for iPhone (Tweetie 2) that can easily show twitpics and vids without having to go to the browser to view them

I want a Twitter app that lets me customize the locations of my lists. Push would be nice, but I will continue to use Boxcar until that day comes. Ultimately, I just want a Twitter client that makes it easy for me to to stay connected with all the twitter feeds without being bogged down with tons of menus and clutter.

I want a Twitter client that allows multi Photo upload.
Audio recording, retweeting that it does like from desktop version.
Follow Friday tweet feature where you can select friends multiple ones at a time. Then it adds #ff to the tweet.
I'd love to see speech to text in a twitter client.

I've been using Twitterific for iPad only because I can't find anything better. I'm waiting for the official Twitter for iPad to be released because I LOVE it on the iPhone, but I'm getting tired of waiting.
Aside from all of the features and UI of Twitter for iPhone, I would also like some deep list management. I love the list feature of Twitter, and I would like the ability to manage my lists in a more comprehensive manner than Twitter for iPhone currently offers.

I want because I am buying my iPad and Im' not planing to buy a Twitter client (I will wait for the Twitter's official client for iPad's version).
I like the quick post!

The feature that is most important to me from a twitter client is being able to tell the difference from read and new tweets and able to combine multiple accounts.

I love a teeter client with easy to use hash tags. It's so annoying when I have to find the hash on the keyboard. I also would really like push notifications in e ipad version. Other than that, I like different color highlights for my tweets, @replies and unread tweets

I am new to the twitterverse. I look for a Twitter client that can switch easily between multiple accounts. I like quick easy input interface with an automated tinyurl.

I want to be able to sync my twitter client om my iphone, ipad & mac. I hate to come home to my computer after a weekend away and have to search my way thru old tweets and try to find the oldest unread tweet. How hard can it be?

Multitasking when iOS4 is available on the iPad and the ability to go directly to the first unread tweet, last read tweet, etc.

I see Tweetings HD for iPad. Could they have changed the name? I would love this especially for the scheduling feature!

Push that actually works! And perhaps could be set to only trigger based on certain people posting or replying or dming rather than everything every time.

I need to be able to switch between multiple accounts and send from all or some of them at one time.

I really like this from the moment you said Twitter for the iPhone- I love the simplicity yet full features of this application!

Manage lists including favorites
Customize background instead of plain bland grey or black
See if someone is following back

I want a twitter app that has themes, push notifications, and that you can see the wallpaper on peoples pages.

I want built in URL shorteners , better way to view/see unread tweets, and simple 1 tap access to my following list. There are so many little elements of different Twitter clients I like, wish there was a way to go a la carte and pick several fearutes from the ones I like.

I have been thoroughly frustrated with some of the other Twitter apps I've tried. I'm looking for one with simple navigation, quick refreshes and the ability to seamlessly go to posted urls or photos. I would also like to have a clickabity to the posters profile, especially on RTs if I want to follow.
Thanks for a new look at something cool

Alright guys, we've selected winners at random for the Tweetings for iPad promo codes. The following people should check their inboxes and spam folders for an e-mail from me (Ally Kazmucha) containing your code.
Also, keep in mind, these are iPad codes, not iPhone codes.
darryl humphrey jr.
better late than never
brian c
Congrats guys, and enjoy!

Nice job on this review. You may want to check-out "Tweets" for iPad in the near future. It's a relatively new Twitter app developed specifically for the iPad (not just another ported iPhone app). Among its unique features are GeoAnywhere selective geotagging functionality, StreamingTweets automatic tweet segmentation and proper ordering for long tweets (greater than 140 characters), and Emoji character virtual keyboard support for over 470 Emoji characters (emoticons). Tweets is a rock-solid purpose-built iPad Twitter app with solid performance and a very pleasing intuitive interface.
Release 1.2 just hit the App Store. Some additional features will be coming in Release 1.3 later this month.

Tweetings is good, but needs work. I cant seem to find the themes you speak of (probably nestled somewhere in the awful, cramped and confusing settings screen) and I hate having "reply all" tucked away in the box that pops up when touching the tweet, reply all should be included where one touches the picture. Push, hmm, not sure if u have some special arrangement but mine take ten to fifteen minutes, 1 to 2 minutes with boxcar. and when I inquired I was told the time would decrease after more buyers, which I felt was kinda cheesy. There's no twit longer support and using the shorten tweet does it when it isn't needed. Not too keen on British English in some places either which shows some indifference to US consumer.

I like twitter clients with push like that, with push and a nice looking (obviously without troubles) its perfect, and i want tweetings!