Twitter for iPad dev fixes The Daily's UI in 2 hours

Twitter for iPad dev fixes The Daily's UI in 6 hours

Developer Loren Brichter, best known for developing Tweetie as Atebits and now the official Twitter clients for iPhone, iPad, and Mac decided to spend an evening doing what News Corp didn't previous to launch -- fix The Daily's horribly implemented Carrousel UI.

Evening project - The Daily, less slow: 60 fps, full AA, physically correct reflections, (different stacking style).

Hopefully he shares his techniques with The Daily's development team but it just goes to once again show what a difference a great iOS developer can make, even against a huge (old) media empitre. Are you still using The Daily? Video after the break!

[@lorenb via Daring Fireball]

Rene Ritchie

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Jimbo says:

Wasn't Apple working with NewsCorp on the development?

Jason masters says:

Don't you eventually have to pay for that subscription if so I'm out it's not worth it.

JNGold says:

Too bad this dev didn't put that effort into fixing the bugs/issues with the iPad twitter client as he did with the Daily.

Atina Aquitane says:

i tweet a lot and i find its great that they have such priority for twitter apps...Atina Aquitane