Verizon iPhone users can now get in on the NFC payment action

Verizon iPhone users can now get in on the NFC payment action

iPhone users on Verizon Wireless can now use the Incipio Cashwrap NFC case for iPhone that allows them to make payments with the ISIS Mobile Wallet app for Verizon. The case was launched for AT&T iPhone users two weeks ago, and like the AT&T app, using the Verizon ISIS app requires use of the case, according to Verizon:

Isis Mobile Wallet® is now available to Verizon Wireless iOS smartphone customers with the Incipio® Cashwrap™ Case and the iOS Isis® app.

The case is available from Verizon's online store for iPhone 4 and 4s, as well as iPhone 5 and 5s, for $69.99. Verizon customers, will you be using ISIS to make payments from your phone? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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Reader comments

Verizon iPhone users can now get in on the NFC payment action


Glad for the choice/option, but not 6ish months before a new iPhone form factor.

Will be interested to see what, if any, battery impact these have. Can't imagine it will be much/noticeable.

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I think this is just a silly product for $70. Maybe it is just me, but if ISIS is going to make money from people using their product, each time they use it, would it not be good for them to basically give it away and get as many people on board as possible? The Tap to pay is nice and it is easy I will submit but my credit cards already have this feature so what is the difference if I "tap" my wallet, or my phone? Just my thoughts.

Apple should have put an NFC chip in the Damn phone.

Any Android phone that has NFC and on 4.4 can use Google Wallet, no problem.

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Most people don't use NFC on their androids. Not one of the dozens of people I know with androids use NFC.

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Haven't seen any value for NFC, I'm kind of glad it's on android. Touch ID may be a better solution!

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Never used google wallet while on android and I see no use for this. Security would seem to be a number 1 issue.

Boycott Isis. Carriers blocked Google Wallet and poured a ton of money into making Isis the only option on many Android phones. This company is dirty.

I bought a cash wrap case today from Verizon corporate. When he rang it up under my phone # it was $40 off! Only cost me $29.99. And still got the $40 free for signing up with serve! Great deal! Also found out that the cases are carrier specific. Bought a white one from AT&T since my local Verizon only had black. Yup, didn't work, but ended up being okay since Verizon had the $40 off deal that myself and the rep both discovered today!

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Nope. I change my phone too much to pay $70 for a case that doesn't do anything put help me pay for things. Find a better solution. I can pull my card out of my wallet for free!

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