VZ Transfer app restores contacts to your new Verizon iPhone

VZ Contact Transfer app from Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has released VZ Transfer into the App Store, allowing Verizon iPhone users to restore contact information from Verizon's Backup Assistant service to their newly purchased iPhone 4.

This application is only for Verizon wireless users. Download the free application to transfer your contacts from your Backup Assistant device to your new device. All your contacts will be transferred to your new device with in minutes.

Verizon Backup Assistant is a service that lets users backup their contact information from their phone to the cloud, which includes import/export options with online editing abilities. Users who have used this service on previous devices would be able to download VZ Transfer and restore contact information to the iPhone.

Transferring contacts can often be a pain, so it's good to see Verizon putting out something that will make it a little easier for Verizon iPhone users to get their device up and running with all of their contacts in place.

Will you be using VZ Transfer after you grab your Verizon iPhone on February 10th? Let us know in the comments!

[Free - iTunes link via @daveizzle]

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Reader comments

VZ Transfer app restores contacts to your new Verizon iPhone


Nice to see Verizon doing that, it will be handy for those that need it.
I have a Mac so syncing my contacts will happen either thru iTunes or right from my gmail account, so I won't be using the transfer program.

i wont, not because it sucks or anything. Backup Assistant has been a LIFE SAVER on more than one occasion, for more than one customer....
but all my stuff is packed up with my Apple ID, and through Google-since Google Sync works with iOS devices as well. So even if I do use VZW's transfer, I have about 3 different places where my info is synced and backed up to. Can never be too protective of your contacts. :)

Just performed Backup Assistant to IPhone 4, all transferred, but old phone had last name first -- transfer was alphabetized by SECOND word, which in my case was their first name. It then informed me that online backup account @ verizon will be terminated in 30 days.
Mac newbie - John Olesen "has contacts with Apple ID and Google-since Google Sync works with iOS devices as well". Could you please explain - can I export iPhone 4 contacts to gmail contacts, if yes how? Can I export iphone contacts to Apple ID (is that that same as ITunes account?), if yes how? Thank you in advance

I'll just sync from my MacbookPro. :)
Folks that don't use this app have other possibilities - from their MyVerizon online account management, they can access their BackupAssistant - and from there, download a CSV file, or v-card file of contacts stored on BackupAsssistant, and import them into the mail program of their choice, and sync from iTunes.

I won't, as I won't be picking up a VZW iPhone, but I'm interested to see if MobileMe contact restoration will work just fine for those picking up a VZW i4, and if all the load on the service will take MobileMe down with the activation servers!

I use the service mobical.net to sync contacts between my old "dumbphone" and the iPhone (via the app SyncML Lite). I've had to switch to the old phone a few times when my iPhone didn't work for a day or two due to jailbreaking stuff.

Whew! I was wondering how I was going to be able to do this. I will definitely be using this. Backup assistant has saved me from, 1 by 1, entering contacts in my last 3 phones. Here we go!

I have already prepared for my purchase tonight by dumping all my blackberry contacts and calendars onto my Mac, and reorganized them and added everything onto my ipod and iPad. When my Verizon iPhone arrives in the mail alli will have to do is sync and iwill be good to go.

Notice the app segregation begins " this app is for Verizon devices only". Hope this doesn't start a trend in the app store where apps work on VZ and not on AT&T iPhones

I just received mine, and though VZ Transfer is a great idea...it must be jammed with the first wave of new Verizon iPhone users, because the app does not work. It is supposed to text you a validation number, but just gets stuck in a loading screen and doesn't send the text. It also gives a "Network Error" when it times out. Guess I'll have to struggle with numbers until they get it ironed out. So far, everything else is easy peasy! Great phone, great network, SATISFIED CUSTOMER!! Regards!

Check that, works just fine! FYI, you cannot be connected to wifi while attempting this app.

OMG!!! You guys are lifesavers! I thought the same thing that system was overloaded yesterday...tried and tried 100 times..So glad I saw your post!!! Thank you..turned WiFi off and BINGO! We have contact! :)

Thanks! It's downloading my contacts as I type this! I love the internet...way better than having to run to the Verizon store on my lunch hour....

Andy: Failed at this app for 2 days and not even the Verizon sales reps knew this. Genius, dude! Thanks so much!

VZ Transfer is a POS, I've tried it over 10 times on new VZ iPhone and it keeps saying server lost connection....they aren't impressing me so far with their product.

no, it keeps happening to me too it says "the server was interrupted" , and wifi is off, its really pissing me off! hahaha

yes, i keep getting the same message, no connection/lost connection.
my wifi is OFF.
ugh, what's up ???

Yep works with wifi turned off. It would have been nice for them to tell us that in the instructions.

I spent hrs trying to get media mgr n contacts to work lot of time w Verizon tech support too. Got phone yesterday am. Tech figured out turn off wifi for contact transfer. Worked to GET access code but every time it says invalid access code. Putting in exactly right. Same error n no contacts. Wants phone # w 1 in front while set up backup ass't wo it. Tech support can't figure why no go. Tried 12 or more times

Thanks goodness I found this site...i turned off wifi and it worked! Got my access code and now good to go!

Thanks for that info. Like everyone else it took me an hour of websearching the issue to find this post. Thanks again!

There was a very brief warning I saw when I first started the process that said it was not compatible with WiFi. I promptly forgot about it, and fought this thing 25 times until I found your posts.

Here's the 10,000 question that no one has asked. Does VZ contact transfer work like Backup Assistant? In other words, will it continue to backup my contacts? I see no settings for when it should to this so I'm thinking, "no".
How do you automate contact backup after the initial transfer?

access code has a "-" in it. XXX-X but iPhone does not allow a "-" in the code entry. What do you type?

After reading many of the contact transfer complaints, I wanted to share with the many readers that I 've used the VZ contact tansfer and copied some 97 contacts from my PC to my new iphone in 2minutes. Download the VZ contact transfer app onto your device and follow the step be step directions.
Good Luck