Washington Post app for iPad

The Washington Post has launched an iPad app and while newspapers (and magazines) are still struggling to find their way towards the digital future, by the looks of the video below, their marketing departments are becoming savvy and fast.

Yes it would be nice to have an iNewstand for periodicals. Yes it would be great if Apple and publishing outlets to come to an agreement on subscription plans and customer data. Yes it would be tremendous if it all just worked and I could wake up every morning and have my newspapers and magazines already downloaded and waiting for me, Kindle-style but iPad-quality. But for now it's at least interesting to watch the various companies experiment with apps.

If you've checked out Washington Post for iPad, let us know what you think.


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Reader comments

Washington Post app for iPad


nice ad.
It just shows you how much the news and social media merge in the last few years. now almost every news site, local and national has a section where people can voice their opinion. Ten to 15 years ago, we didn't have that. They might have had a phone number and they put up some ramom comments, but nothing like today/

It's commercials like this that make me want to finally get an iPad. Sounds really great. I like the social media integration.

Now that's a company who sees the importants of having a iPad app. Lovin the commercial above. About to download it now.

If you're looking for an iNewsstand, you might want to check out PressReader. It might fit the bill for you.

Exciting, but i think i'll be waiting awhile before my local rag ever gets an app. I'll be content with the free website (clever revenue strategy :P), comments, & annoying ads.
This though is the future of newspapers. They must find a way to get people to pay.

Pretty harsh reviews for the iPhone version. Hope the iPad version is better. Some say not, use the browser instead, it's better.

This ad actually makes me want to download the app and read the news (I hate the news, always so depressing)

"Yes it would be tremendous if it all just worked and I could wake up every morning and have my newspapers and magazines already downloaded and waiting for me, Kindle-style but iPad-quality."
Have you checked out Press Reader? I get my WaPo every morning in great clarity. Depending on where I am traveling to I get their local paper as well. It is the exact print edition. I actually like Press Reader because it is an exact copy of the printed edition. But then again, I am old and like the printed format.

I just tried the app for my daily read at lunch. No comics in the official ap. I think I will stick with press reader. A newspaper is not a newspaper without comics, both editorial or the regular funny pages. I also don't like that you need to be online to read. You can go online to read and it will save the items for reading later but if you didn't look at a section while connected then it won't load offline. With a wifi Ipad I like to load up the paper before I leave for work. Of course I can just crank up miwi on the phone and connect but that doesn't work on airplanes. I will be sticking with Press Reader.