WhiteHouse.gov App Hits iPhone, Will Provide State of the Union Streaming

WhiteHouse.gov, internet home of the US Executive branch of government, has announced their new iPhone and iPod touch app, available now from the iTunes App Store [Free - iTunes link]

The White House App delivers dynamic content from WhiteHouse.gov to the palm of your hand. One feature that stands out is live video streaming. Now anyone with this app can watch the President’s public events at the White House, frequent web chats with Administration officials, and other events like key speeches and press briefings in real time. In fact, the President’s State of the Union speech next week is a great example.

TechCrunch adds this important tip:

One thing: check the name of the app to make sure you download the official one when you search from your phone. Hint: it’s the one you don’t have to pay for.

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Reader comments

WhiteHouse.gov App Hits iPhone, Will Provide State of the Union Streaming


I see that they have their priorities straight - propaganda over righting the economic ship. Good way to use that stimulus money.

you'd rather get your propaganda/brainwashing from some other source who puts additional spin on news? might as well get it right from the horse's mouth

@ Reptile & @ Milk, All media is propaganda if you look at it with the right perspective. You can even say your getting brainwashed by even being on the internet. Dynamic brainwashing on your desktop. Sweet!

Like we do not see and hear him enough already. He has spent more time in front of a camera in his 1st year than most Presidents do in 4. Maybe he should get off TV and the media and start thinking about the economy.

@TheRightGuy - you left out the part about leading by example and saving the cost to develop and maintain the code and delivery capabilities to support this as well as the managing the content so that we save something from this year's budget as well as future ones.

Awesome!! Can't wait to get the deets on the following:
GALLUP: 45%...
New Obama Plans: 'Spend Our Way Out' Of Downturn...
The US budget deficit tripled in Obama’s first year.. to a record $1.4 trillion for the 2009 fiscal year
And who can forget..
Promised 10x that healthcare debates would be LIVE ON CSPAN and LIVE Streaming on the Internet...
01/04/10: C-SPAN begs Obama for camera access on healthcare
01/06/10: Obama, Dems Demand Close-Door Health Negotiations
US fatalities in Afghanistan up 3fold under Warmongerer Obama
The Czar Scandals
Van Jones
Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Promoting “Fisting” to Children, NY 9/11 show trials in NYC instead of military tribunals..(Germany: Hey Holder, You Can't Use Our Evidence For Death Penalty in Upcoming KSM & Fellow Terrorists Trial) *Even though he PROMISED military trials on CSPAN
Beersummit (blame the cops, say they acted stupidly without knowing what happened)
Universal Nightmare (PELOSI: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail;Failure to Comply, 5 Years in Prison)
After 3 days, and then two minutes of smiling, pointing, giving a "shout out" and dithering in front of a camera… Barack Obama finally got around to mentioning the massacre at Fort Hood in Texas.
Obama Has Now Played More Rounds of Golf than Bush’s Two Terms in 8 YEARS!
White House strips immigration policing powers from Arizona sheriff...DHS: Hotels, instead of jail cells, for illegal immigrants!
The $10million rejection trip in failed Olympic bid
ACORN SCANDAL (*Ranked #9 outrage of the year by Time Magazine yesterday)
Massive Fail– Cash for Clunkers Cost Taxpayers $24K Per Car, crushing perfectly good cars.
and much much more! only 3 more years to go!
as of 12/13/09
Obama’s Approval Index Number Tanks to -19 – Another Record Low
Sunday, December 13, 2009, 1:00 PM
Barack Obama’s presidential approval index number has dropped to -19.
Obama has dropped a stunning 49 points in less than one year.

Wow! I'm really glad the US government is spending money on stuff like this! (sarcasm)
P.S. I predict this thread will be 100 posts long, filled with half the people b itching about Obama, and the other half b itching about Fox news.

And let's not forget that they didn't even try to get back to Washington from their vacations when the attempted Christmas plane bombing took place. Not only they didn't return for several days, but the head Counter-Terrorism person in charge went ahead and took off on his ski vacation the day AFTER this happened!!!

@Joe McG
What makes me laugh the most is all the tunnel visioned liberals who do nothing but bash conservatives using Beck, and Hannity as their debate fuel.

This app is nice. I especially like it because it doesn't use that piece of s%¥t Times New Roman font that I hate so damn much, ala NYTimes app.

It's OK... even the liberals are turning on NOBama.
Just look at last night's landslide win by Brown in Massachusetts, the capital of liberal politics.
Looks like there may be hope for our great nation after all...

Thankyou @Milk blame it on the man after the man who been there 8 years. LOL. Some people are hilarious. Fifty year of terrible spending habits by the way that always been brought back by a Democratic Pres by the way. I'm really starting to believe that this site although the best spot to get iPhone news breeds the most hateful complainers I've ever seen. Throw out uslessbanter on how to manage companies how to produce better devices and now better moves than the president and most of you complainers can't even manage your own lives. Before you can change the world please change yourself.

This app isn't free. You already paid for it with your tax dollars. Well, I take that back. The money the government has been printing paid for it, since we ran out of money early in this spend happy administration. I wonder how much they had to raise the debt ceiling to pay for this.

Well let me say I have not downloaded this app but one thing caught my eye, can this be true did they say LIVE VIDEO STREAMING. That is the only app I know that has LIVE video streaming. Some have Picts updated and a few with a seen every couple of seconds but I have not seen one with live video streaming.

I like Fox News, if only for their hot female anchors. Beck and Hannity are touched in the head though.

Do we really have to turn this into a policital battle in the comments? Either you get the app or you don't. Unlike some things you do have a choice, you do not have to put this on your iPhone if you don't want. Leave it at that.


you’d rather get your propaganda/brainwashing from some other source who puts additional spin on news? might as well get it right from the horse’s mouth

In a word, YES.

@Desmond, I think you're confused about my post... i'm agreeing with you.. hehe =D
I was being sarcastic, saying in b4 the typical bush 8 year comments.

No Milk I understand. I was actually agreeing with you. I knew it was sarcasm! Lol. I was actually talking about the people who only say negative things on this site.

@Desmond - that's a pretty bold assertion for someone who knows nothing about the lives of the users of this site. Stating that we can't manage our lives because we're unhappy with the current administration is stupid as me saying that the majority of Obama supporters are government freeloaders. There's no basis for it. Does that mean the plethora of haters that are still griping about the previous administration can manage their lives either? I'm just saying.

Yes keep these blinded lib's with their overrated Iphone drunk on their kool-aide...To bad this Iphone user dont hang out at star bucks all day listening to a bunch of white libs spin for O'banana...I am blk and i cant stomach that freak

Obama = One Big Azz Mistake America! This guy has spent more time on TV than the combined lineup of CBS' multiple CSI casts. This Boso is over-exposed.
Somebody should go to the forum and post this app in the crApp section.

@Theo. Actually the main point was about complaining. Period. This isn't a political site it's an iPhone site getting into a simple back and forth over this subject is retarded. I'm not assuming anything. I said that most of the people that are complaining on this site basically complain about everything. Whether it's an iPhone matter or whose platfom is better. This suck that sucks. Apple shouldn't do this apple should do that. Stop complaining if you have a phone that you like get that. Nobody is putting a gun to your head to keep an iPhone. It's a choice. If you don't like your choice get something else. Apple is going to do it how they want to do it period. Everyone has an opinion and the only opinion that really matters at this point and has been completely proven is Mr Jobs. That's the only person Apple is listening to. Not yours not mine not anyones

Some people have little to cling to in life. In their eyes, arguing/debating over meaningless topics seemingly validates their existence to themselves and to everyone else. Well I'm sure that's they way they see it.
How sad.


Some people have little to cling to in life. In their eyes, arguing/debating over meaningless topics seemingly validates their existence to themselves and to everyone else. Well I’m sure that’s they way they see it.

Yes, for crying out loud can we please get back to the important topics like Physical Keyboard vs virtual keyboard and Apple =God and Blackberry suCks....
I mean Jeeze, we have to keep our priorities in order here.....

Funny thing was, I downloaded when it first came out, loaded it up this AM, and NO mention of the Mass election.
LMAO. Yeah, this will be a balanced app reporting the news...

How about we say both political parties and the whole of our political elite have failed us. We can jump between both parties but neither is going to satisfy. Stop taking the easy way out and labeling yourself according to a party. I am an American, I will support the candidate that can produce results. That is highly lacking in this day and age. I don't want handouts. I don't want government services. I certainly don't want to be told I MUST pay for a healthcare plan that may or may not fit my desired coverage or needs. And if I am successful and I want to fork out the money for a "Cadillac" healthcare plan then so be it. It's my money I have earned and should be able to spend it how I like.

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