Want Wi-Fi personal hotspot today, on any iPhone? There's a Jailbreak for that!

The Verizon iPhone will come with Wi-Fi personal hotspot service built-in, and GSM/AT&T iPhones might get the same feature in March with iOS 4.3 -- but you can have it today on any iPhone with MyWi on Jailbreak.

MyWi is a wonderful little app and in my opinion, a major reason to jailbreak on its own. MyWi alllows you to create a wifi hotspot with your iPhone. I have a wifi only iPad and I never even considered purchasing the 3G version. I simply tether my iPad to my iPhone. Just be wary of doing this if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. As of writing this, MyWi currently costs $19.99. It may seem like a hefty price tag but you’ll pay that in data and/or tethering fees in less than 2 months. You’ll only pay for MyWi once. You do the math.

Anyone already using it? Anyone considering it? If you need help, check out our Jailbreak Starters Guide and Jailbreak For

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Want Wi-Fi personal hotspot today, on any iPhone? There's a Jailbreak for that!


Sorry but this just seems slightly pointless over a micro-cell. Just get a wi-fi router haha.

Apparently you don't understand what this app is for. It allows you to turn your actual device into a hotspot for other devices to use the Internet connection. When I'm out somewhere and want to write or browse the web on my macbook or wifi iPad, I can. It isn't for home use.

That's a matter of opinion. I have both. I much prefer mywi. Much more stable in my opinion. Especially with the large update mywi received last month.

I'm thinking of Jail breaking my iPhone 5. I read that I should do a restore from the computer and not OTA. I've aldready done the OTA 6.1 update and I read that I should plug in to my computer and right option click to restore using the full firmware of 6.1 update and I'm having a hard time restoring that way. Nothing happens. I want to prepare my phone to do the jailbreak when it is released. Any suggestions?

You have obviously never used MyWi -PDANet is a B-rate wannabe. I've never spent a better 20 bucks in my life, nor have I used any one app more than I use MyWi - whether it be jailbreak app or app store

This app is the reason i got a wifi only ipad, it's fantastic for hopping on to download an app or to load your emails.
I rarely go a day without using it & now i only have to pay for one data plan.

Mywi is great, I just wish it would have at least WPA encryption, versus the current WEP encryption. Does anybody know if the hotspot software on Verizon uses wep or wpa?

This app is great i use this app to share my internet with my friends. Of course their are other jailbreak apps that do this for free but this one is the best ;D

I don't have internet at home, and this little app is what I'm using to connect to the internet everyday and I'm using it right now to post this comment. I love it MyWi and My3G are the reasons I jailbroke my phone.

It will be interesting to see if Personal Hotspot works in Infrastructure mode so that devices like the Kindle can connect to it (they can't connect to ad-hoc networks).

I have been using MyWi since it has been released and it is great. I use it for my WiFi only Ipad and as a hot spot in the car for the kids. They have also spent a great deal of effort optimizing the code to maximize battery life using the app. Well worth the $20 and it save me $135 by not getting the 3G Ipad, and a service contract.

does anybody know what is the application called that puts the mail icon in the upper right status bar? thanks in advance.

thanks Rene, is there a utility just for that notification icon? I do not want anything other than just that icon, or do I have to buy the app and just turned off lockscreen info showing but keep the mail notifier on?

Why would you need a mail icon when you get a warning sound and a number indicator on your mailbox icon when you get new mail?

my phone is on vibrate most of the time, and don't pay any attention. it would be nice to take a quick glance on lock screen and see the indicator

Again... You need to go buy an Android phone Allyson - you bring this whole blog down...

And again, because I jailbreak does not mean I need android. Get over it already. YOU need to find another blog to troll at. We get tons of requests all the time for more jailbreak coverage. So maybe we all need android? Rolls eyes. Your opinion is not the end all, sorry to tell you.

Isn't PDANet tied in some way to the version of iTunes you have on your machine? For awhile I ran PDANet on a J/B 3GS and updated iTunes (forgot which version). When I did update, PDANet no longer worked and had to wait for the dev to release new code. It's been several months since I have been jailbroken on my i4, but was just curious if this was still the case with PDANet.

Nope. PdaNet now works to create a hotspot, just like MyWi, so it is totally independent from the desktop. It no longer requires you to install the desktop unless you plan on tethering via usb.

Just wondering if anyone has a educated guess if the update to 4.3 in Mar will add the hotspot feature to all iPhones? I'm on Rogers in Canada and am able to tether at no additional charge on my 6GB plan but it does not work with iPad. I'm very reluctant to jailbreak so this is the only feature that may influence me to do so.

The IOS God's have blessed you with understanding of how to use the device properly. I laugh at all those who held out for the 3g iPad and got an extra bill while making ATT more money LoL
I just laugh at when people/vzw/Android tries to throw out how they have the ability to use their device at a mobile hotspot something that they iPhone can't do. In actuality what they are really saying is that we are sheep who don't realize that what we are paying extra for the true iPhone user has been doing for free for years now via MyWi or PDAnet. So to you out there who have not JB yet you have no idea what you are missing and its ok b/c I too was afraid to JB until I discovered that to get in and out of a JB takes about a min if you don't want to deal with it any more and no one would be the wiser unless to told.

I bought a 3G Ipad becuase I could use it Internationally. Have you ever thought about that?

This program was why I jailbroke my phone - AT&T demands for what was essentially changing a config parameter in the OS was just to too much to take. If AT&T had thrown in 1G with the tether feature, or simply charge up to a $100 connect fee, I wouldn't have balked.
That said, the app is relatively solid, though about weekly it tells me that it isn't initialized and asks me to reboot. I've used it to do things on my lap top (usually USB tethered) that would be less than convenient on the small phone desktop. I've had no trouble with Windows 7 auto-connecting, though my Kindle doesn't like it (Kindle doesn't support Adhoc networks). Just commissioned an iPad for a elderly friend and her DSL didn't go up on time (AT&T, of course). I used it for that without a hitch, other than having to enter the WiFi password with every connect. Apparently, iPad doesn't store Adhoc passwords, or something.
Interestingly, AT&T had a three week DSL wire outage in my neighborhood over the holidays. The program paid for itself. AT&T cell coverage is often as fast as DSL in the many places I've used it, even traveling from LA to San Diego on the 405, had had a fast connection all the way. (My laptop has a built-in VZ cell, which I've cut the contract for. Where there is AT&T 3G, it is always proved faster than VZ.)
Hope that helps! Good product.

You don't need a any kind of tethering plan. That's the whole point. All you need is a jailbroken phone and MyWi. MyWi will use your regular data connection to tether and the phone company won't even know it...muhahahahahaha!

Keep in mind, I think using something like MyWi (or tethering like PDANet) might violate your terms of service agreement with AT&T (if you are in the US). I believe they have something about not tethering or only using data for your smartphone (unless you buy the tethering data plan). Not saying you shouldn't use it, but that is something to consider.

Love Mywi.... Just waiting until the untethered jailbreak for 4.2. I lost Mywi when I upgraded and won't deal with a tethered jailbreak. But I do miss it!

I'd say the price doubled. I remember getting it for $9.99. I would never pay $20 for this. I have it and I don't even use it anymore.

Mywi is great but there is a reason to have a 3G iPad: The GPS chip. With it your iPad will work as a giant GPS in your car.

Always these posts about turning your iphone into a modem mention MyWi & PdaNet, both of which are paid apps. Zsrelay has been in Cydia for years & is totally free. It takes 10 mins to setup but once setup works flawlessly. There's a screencast here showing how to set it up:
Could someone please tell me why no one ever talks about zsrelay? Is there some manner of serious security bug? Or are MyWi/PdaNet just slipping backhanders in the general direction of every Apple commentator's back pockets?

This is the main reason I jailbreak. I play my ps3 online via a shared connection. With ping times at about 150 it works really well. Not the best solution but I live in an area where they don't run cable or dsl. Satelite Internet is overpriced and a lot slower than 3G

Oh wow, in most cases I would not agree with that at all. Granted it does depend on what satellite internet service package you get. However, my 3G connection is typically really slow. Now, if I needed to be mobile I might be forced to go with 3G, but if I am primarily needing internet in my home I would go with satellite internet any day. Feel free to check out my blog on this topic at www.mybluedish.com/blog.

Guys I use MyWi on a regular basis and I love it! :) I was just poking fun at the photo as the phone in the pic is connected to a micro-cell. It was sarcasm lol.

When intelliborn , the creator of this app decided to charge me again for buying this app just becuase i updated to 4.0, I decided not to support him. I bought Mywi when it first came out and like other developers, he should have grandfathered his first customers. Im glad this is coming out in a couple months for free on iOS 4.3.

I guarantee it won't be free. You will pay AT&T for the privilege of tethering. Every month. And did you send the dev an email? I don't think they charged again. I never paid twice.

All I want to know is will any of these apps will allow me to use shutter snitch on the ipad(wifi only) with a Eye-fi card in my dslr with out an external pc or router?
I guess im asking can I use this on my iphone4 with that I have yet to jailbreak because I cant find a jail break for my ios version (4.2.1 8C148). and do not have any phone service on as a wifi router?