Windows Live Messenger coming to iPhone and iPod touch


It seems Microsoft is almost ready to release their popular IM client, Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app is said to arrive this June and will contain photo sharing, chat, and a social stream - which looks to include a Facebook stream and possibly a Twitter stream as well.

The second major release following Bing foince the software giant is now beginning to warm up the the iPhone platform perhaps Microsoft will get the ball rolling on Office in the not so distant future.

Screen shots after the break!




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There are 13 comments. Add yours.

VieuxCrabe says:

About time.
Can't wait to get rid of IM

Mctui says:

kinda very late, huh?
btw IM and Beejive FTW

marc says:

i use beejive but wouldn't mind using the native ms app...

himynameissam says:

If Microsoft build in to this app video conferencing support when the fourth generation iphone is released, this could be a seriously killer app.

Jellotime91 says:

Mmmmm... potato salad.. :D

Mist1 says:

How is this app any better than Fring/Nimbuzz/etc that include several IM clients?

icebike says:

Few people I know uses the WLM anyway.
I don't want have desktop room on my dual monitor machine for that and skype and AOL and Twitter, and I don't have room for a separate App on my phone for them either.
Beejive or Im+ Thank you. All in one place.

Geo Coldz says:

I'm using Meebo for the time being.

Noah Takiguchi says:

I am a big fan of the ipod and am really looking for the new models coming out!

Maximo Mahr says:

I want to get a new ipad. I think that the ebook stuff looks like it will be really awesome to use.

James Duffell says:

Any word on when this is due to hit the app store?