WWDC 2013 wish-list: iMore's top OS X 10.9 wants!

WWDC 2013 preview: OS X 10.9 wish list!

From Siri to Notification Center, iTunes to iPhoto here are our number one OS X 10.9 wishes -- what are yours?

What does everyone here at iMore want to see in OS X 10.9? Apple does still make a desktop operating system, after all, and let's face it, even trucks need new engineering and body work. Since this is the final week before WWDC 2013 it's the last chance for us, staff and friends alike, to make with the feature requests. So...

To the wish-lists!

Peter Cohen, managing editor of iMore

Breaking out iTunes from a monolithic app into distinct apps designed for separate services, much like how "music" and "video" is distinct from "iTunes" in iOS, is what I'd like to see most in OS X 10.9. iTunes is a bloated, unwieldy mess.

Also, Siri.

Ally Kazmucha, how-to editor of iMore

While not exactly an OS X 10.9 feature, I'd really like an all new, re-worked version of iPhoto that I'll actually want to use. Right now events and imports are a bag of hurt. Huge imports always fail or get broken, deleting events is a nightmare, and organizing photos is impossible.

I've completely given up and use Lightroom for all my photos. Regular people won't want to spring for such an expensive alternative, so it'd be nice to see Apple make iPhoto actually useable. It's the number one cause of my Mac freezing up, which makes me not even want to open it to begin with.

Richard Devine, senior editor of iMore

The thing I'd love to see added most would be Siri. I don't use it half as much on my iPhone or iPad as I would on my Mac. Since I spend most of the day at my desk, Siri could really add to my productivity if I could quickly take voice notes, or fire off a quick email at the touch of a button.

I'd love to see Apple introduce their Podcasts app into OS X 10.9.

Also, I'd love to see Apple introduce their Podcasts app into OS X 10.9, and remove the need to use iTunes for them altogether. The Podcasts app on iOS works just fine for me, and the iCloud syncing across devices is exactly the sort of syncing I've been missing from third-party apps across different platforms. If Apple could build an OS X version that hooks in too, my working days would be complete.

Marc Edwards, co-host of Iterate

On a technical level, I think UIKit (or portions of UIKit) and OpenGL 4.3 support would enable better apps and games on OS X. Further advancement of SceneKit seems like a good idea, too.

I'd like developers to be able to remove apps from sale, but be able to provide updates for existing users. As it stands now, we can't do that, which makes discontinuing products and treating customers with respect very difficult. Mac apps tend to be larger and more complex, so trials would be a welcome addition to the Mac App Store.

I’m fearful of a future where all mainstream computing platforms only install native apps via curated stores, so I hope Gatekeeper's default setting of “Mac App Store and identified developers” remains. I think OS X's current balance of power vs security is great.

Seth Clifford, co-host of Iterate

I've been quite happy with 10.8, so I've not given much thought to 10.9. I know it's going to be a big feature release so they can talk it up, and I don't need all that much more in the OS to get my work done any better. Generally speaking, I suppose I'd want to see more small changes, iterating on and improving the experience delivered between 10.7 and 10.8 as opposed to the jump we saw between 10.6 and 10.7.

Make it cleaner, faster, stronger.

As someone who manages dozens of laptops and desktops in the office, OS updates are more aggravating than enjoyable for me. However, if the overall codebase stays similar but gets fine tuned, it's an easier transition. I've had issues moving people from 10.6 to 10.8 directly (and as such, I have to re-image machines completely) but the jump from 10.7 has been much better. Make it cleaner, faster, stronger.

And get rid of the frakkin' paper on Calendar.

Chris Parsons, editor-at-large of Mobile Nations

Like with iOS, all I ant from OS X is better notifications. I dunno what it is with Apple and notifications — they just can't seem to get it right for me. Notification Center sends me alert not when they come in but whenever the heck it wants to.

All I want is the notifications as the messages are received.

Anthony, videographer

I'd like to see even faster wake from sleep time, especially when it comes to recognizing things like a mouse or the network.

Nick Arnott, security columnist

How is there still not an “Allow All” option?

There’s no single big feature that I’m clamoring for in OS X, just a number of smaller polish things. From a menubar that lets you hide items, to window management that can switch between a dual and single monitor setups without requiring manual rearrangement of windows, there are a lot of tiny details Apple could improve on in OS X. As wonderful as the keychain is, have you ever tried switching back and forth between browsers every few months only to be met with a barrage of Keychain Access prompts? How is there still not an “Allow All” option?

Rene Ritchie, editor-in-chief of iMore

Unlike iOS, which is relatively new and still in need of as much patching and polishing, OS X has been around for a decade and does most of what modern computer users need it to do. What that leaves is refitting and refining. Sure, Siri would be nice, just to round out the product line, but everything from iCloud documents to iMessages to Notification Center to full screen apps (on multiple displays) are still good ideas waiting on great implementation.

I'd like UIKit2 on OS X, and more SceneKit, just to see what developers can do with them. A sign that Apple has something in the pipeline to replace the aging HFS+ would be also be well received. But in general, what I'd like to see is what's already here made even better.

What's your number one OS X 10.9 wish?

So that's what everyone here at iMore wants to see! Well, almost everyone. You're the most important part of the site, so your opinion matters to us the most! Tell me, what's your number one wish come OS X 10.9 and WWDC?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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WWDC 2013 wish-list: iMore's top OS X 10.9 wants!


I'd have to mirror what was said here: Siri on desktop, and tighten up on services like Notification Center and iCloud.

Definitely agree with Ally's iPhoto requests. It's one of the most used apps by people on the Mac and its horrible right now to organize photos. Photo stream is a mess, I have duplicates everywhere. Ideally iPhoto should get a cloud library similar to iTunes in the Cloid. One canonical library that all devices feed into. Eddy Cue told me that was "Punted Until Innsbrook" (more here: http://resilientjoy.com/thoughts/2013/5/punted-until-innsbrook) which is unfortunate to say the least.

I would like to see a unification of OSX and iOS where the developer can tick off which devices their app will run on. Some apps only work well on the iPad and others only on the Mac. Let the developer decide. Similarly the developer can decide whether to sandbox data or share files in an open file system. Games should probably mostly be sandboxed, PDF readers and media players not so much.

At the very least, Widgets on OSX should be replaced with iOS apps and the user can figure out which ones work well initially. In this sense it could be introduced as a "beta" concept.

I want a Mac OS X version that doesn't lock up every time a USB device (like an iPhone) is plugged in and unplugged.

They've been saying for years that they have fixed the problems with wireless networking, specifically as it relates to AirPlay devices, but that shit is still totally broken.

Why should I have to reboot my AppleTV once a day to get it to recognise my iTunes library? Why, when I'm streaming from my iTunes library to the TV, does my computer go to sleep and thereby *instantly* black-screen my TV? Why does my computer become completely inaccessible from "back to my mac," simply because it's fallen asleep? ("wake on ethernet" has been around for many years now).

All I want is for my Apple devices to easily obtain, and stay active on their own home network in a semi-reliable fashion. It's been years Apple, shouldn't this be possible by now?

I don't have those issues. Your issue maybe router related. Back to my Mac's 'Wake-On-WiFi' requires Apple Airport Extreme.

• How about white listing (learn button) your common emails so you don't have to keep clicking "Load Images" on your real email.
• Fixing iPhoto to handle more images. The old day of people only having 1k images are long gone. How about, um, let's say million+ ???
• Super great quality voices for TTS?
• Better Syncing with ____________
• Better iCloud
• A native "Quickkeys™" function
• Apple FAX modem support
• etc etc etc.

1. Simplify iCloud. Silo system for documents (app-specific storage) is horrible. No reason to force desktop and laptop users into the limited iPad file system. And get rid of PhotoStream. Just sync photos with iCloud like all the other apps. If iCloud offers 5GB of space to users, then open it up to us...like Dropbox or Google Drive...so that I can dump everything there. As it is, I have to use multiple services for my files.

2. App Store takes forever to load, check for updates, and show purchases...on a new MBPR with plenty of memory, SSD, and fast internet connection. Why?

3. iPhoto needs a lot of work.

4. Remove skeuomorphism.

5. Smooth out Safari. Page loading and rendering is a little glitchy. Some pages never load at all, but work fine in other browsers. Could also use a UI overhaul.

I would have liked to have seen wish lists like these eight months ago. You know, when Apple might have actually done something about them?

Geez, what Ally said. iPhoto has been a disaster for some time now - photo organization is a mess, bringing photos in is horrible (why in the name of the FSM do all the photos that come in via Photostream in a given month get grouped into one lump, rather than just showing up in chronological order with the rest of the photos?), photos that have been recently imported are not visible to various file pickers, the application is incredibly slow and crash-prone. It's an absolute world of hurt. Please fix. Also, yes to the breakup of iTunes from its current monolithic self into separate pieces that deal with syncing, music, books, etc, would be welcome.

But... Siri? On the desktop? Ummm, none for me, thanks. There is exactly one scenario in which I want to talk to my computer: if my hands and/or eyes are occupied elsewhere. In other words, when I'm driving. In every other use case, it's quick and easier to type. Also, Siri might be doable in a home office kind of environment... but can you imagine a bunch of people in a cube farm all talking to their computers? I'd lose my mind. I mean, to each his own, but I can't see myself ever doing this.

Couldn't agree more - I can't figure photostream out - it says I have trillions of photos in it in one place, and only the last thirty days' worth in another.

I guess I haven't had a horrible experience with iPhoto, it mostly works well (except for randomly getting the beach ball of death for sometimes minutes at a time). But it wouldn't hurt to improve the performance.

What I want more is an update to Aperture. It has much better photo organization and filtering tools built-in, and the only reason I haven't made the purchase yet is because I'm hoping for a major update at WWDC.

I want an iWork update. Pages on the Mac sucks, and so does Word. There's no great Word capable word processor. I know this isn't a OS X feature, but I think it's time.

This isn't my idea but my husbands - a way to put in a copyright or similar statement on photos when e-mailing or otherwise sharing them from iPhoto.

Better performance, all apps should start up quicker: mail, calendar, app store (!!), ...
Seriously, it went downhill since 10.7

Yea, who is that? She's not in the iMore roster and she's not Ashley, who apparently moved on from here to Technobuffalo.

When I moved to 10.8 the biggest annoyance to me was the disappearing scroll bar where I have to start scrolling in order to even see it. That to me (like the hockey puck mouse) is a classic case of putting form over function. Scroll bars are not just navigational devices; they provide information. They tell me there is more to see. Making them disappear when there's more to see is a bad user experience and serves no practical purpose on the desktop where screen space is not an issue. Was there some big "rid the world of evil scroll bars" movement that I missed?

I also echo the requests for updated versions of iWork. As a copywriter working mostly with web copy, I could do my entire job on an iPad (with a keyboard) if I had a simple, decent word processor.

Finally, as someone else said, trial versions in both the Mac and iOS app stores would be awesome. Developers are losing a lot of money from me because I can't try before I buy, especially on iOS. I would gladly spend $5 on a list app or $20 on a financial management app, but I'm not willing to buy 5 apps just to find one that does what what I want, hence, I only download free apps.

Reliable AppKit (RTF, Textedit) styles support when using iOS and OS X Apps for content creation. Better styles within pages, no confusion about localized style names for non-en_ locales.

Make spotlight actually scriptable for an advanced user. open spotlight to non-apple nas devices or services. use spotlight tagging even on iOS. open up iOS and OS X for advanced users.

Stop baby-sitting my apple device usage. Yes, it can be paradise but we all grew up, didn't we?

I don't have an IOSX 10.9 wish list because I won't be upgrading to it whether my 2008 MBP supports it or not. Upgrading to OSX 10.8 was a nightmare, due my audio interface manufacturer's not having a 10.8 driver ready at launch of the OS in July (TASCAM US 1800). It took TASCAM until October to produce a driver for the US1800, leaving my production system without the ability for me to record, and that set my production schedule back. I refuse to go through that again, so I'm not taking any chances and won't be touching 10.9. In all likelihood, it won't support my 2008 MBP anyway. The only things in 10.8 that made it worth the upgrade were Notifications and twitter integration. I could've got by without either or both of those. Other than that, it pretty much looks and acts the same as Snow Leopard. I think Snow Leopard was faster.

I'd like to be able to highlight words and click "Learn" so they are not constantly underlined without any suggestions. There are no suggestions because the words are spelled right so how can the OS not know some of these simple words? If Siri is put on OS X then it should respond to it's name "Sir" when the computer is plugged in and fully powered. Then when it's unplugged and running on battery wait for the key press. I don't want to have to try and remember the key it's a barrier to using Siri.