New York Post now blocking iPad Safari browser from accessing its content

The New York Post has put up a paywall which prevents users accessing its web content from an iPad. Now when you visit its online site via the Safari browser on your iPad you get a message asking you to download the app!

Thanks for coming. editorial content is now only accessible on the iPad through the New York Post App.

Previously accessing the site with Safari on the iPad resulted in a landing page informing users about the app but allowed users to continue to the content. The app costs $1.99 and gives you 30 days access to the content. After the 30 days you need to pay for a subscription at $6.99/month, $39.99/six months or $74.99/year. It seems like the New York Post are targeting iPad users in this instance; as access on other tablets and PC’s is still available via the browser.

What do you think of the New York Posts decision to prevent iPad users from accessing its online content in the Safari browser? Let us know in the comments!

[Apple Insider]



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There are 17 comments. Add yours.

The Gadgeteur says:

stupid. Especilly Facebook Fan Page. Thats ok, though. Plenty of other, better, news sources.

marty says:

The death of New York Post, that's what I think!

Huntaah says:

However, if you have an iPhone, NY Post's mobile site is still accessible.

Huntaah says:

The rest of my comment: How does that make sense to only block it on one iDevice?

Bucky says:

Can't you just use a User Agent Switcher?

(Copy of) Dev says:

Mobile Safari does not have a user agent switcher, so no. If you go there using another iOS browser -- iCab, Atomic, Opera Mini, or Terra, it still works (for now).

derrythe says:

Went there today using Terra pretending to be Firefox. Not a single problem.

iDonev says:

Greedy to the bone! Do they not realize that there are competitors out there?

drschoonover says:

Skyfire and Private Browser works fine.

Asdollah Mirza says:

This will just hurt THEM in the long run. Those who wanted to pay for the iPad , have already done so.
This will just get others who wouldnt pay for it anyway to choose another source for their news.

tazh89 says:

i think if you use an aternate browser and change the user agent, the site will work...not sure dont have an ipad.

Friendlysteve says:

THis is too easy.. You want to charge me - I'll go get the news elsewhere. CYA!!

SommerMatt says:

Is this a pre-emptive strike against iOS 5 and the new "Safari Reader" feature which strips ads from web-pages?

Speters3 says:

Hey, no problem. Don't want me to read your paper, I won't!