YouTube Capture updates with support for iPad

YouTube Capture updates with support for iPad

YouTube Capture has been updated to add support for the iPad. Now universal, YouTube Capture allows you to take videos and directly upload them to YouTube. Just like the iPhone version, YouTube Capture on the iPad is capable of uploading videos at 1080p.

While this won’t have as much utility as the iPhone version, it’s good that Google is trying to accommodate multiple use cases. Hopefully, Google Maps will be the next Google app to get the iPad treatment.

Do you take video with your iPad? Is the arrival of YouTube Capture for iPad good news? Let us know!

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YouTube Capture updates with support for iPad


I don't really find myself taking video with the iPad. This update however might be worth giving it a try.

I just got an iPad Mini for free... well through my points for flying so much. Ironically I'm going up north ice fishing this weekend. I usually take a few videos as well as pictures but never thought of using the iPad for that. Perhaps I'll have to take it along with me and give that a try.

I do not find the need to take a picture with an iPad because it is so damn big; I would rather use my phone; however, the new iPad Mini is rather small, it might be okay to take pictures with it. I'm looking for more and more support for applications.

The quality of the video won't be as good on the iPad... And taking a video with an iPad in public is kinda embarrassing.

Okay is it me or is the IPad Mini camera/video not nearly as good as the IPhone 4S? My pictures and videos all seem really grainy.