As part of their Q4 2010 conference call, Apple today announced that 125 million iOS devices have been sold to date. That includes the 14.1 million iPhones, 4.19 million iPads, and perhaps the 250,000 Apple TVs this quarter. No iPod touch numbers were broken out, but 9.05 million iPods in general were also sold. That brings the iPhone up to 40 million sold in the last year on 156 carriers in 89 countries, and 7.5 million iPads in the last 6 months in 26 countries. They're activating and average of 275,000 iOS devices a day, peaking at 300,000.

Turning to the App Store, Apple made the official call on 300,000 apps, 65,000 of which are games or entertainment, and 35,000 of which are iPad specific.

Again, that's a huge target for developers and a very stable ecosystem for users who might want to take their app investments with them as they upgrade or move to more/other iOS devices.