58-inch multitouch table runs on iPhone [Jailbreak + Video]

The guys behind the iPhone-powered 58-inch multitouch table (think Microsoft Surface) have released a video demonstrating how the system works. Essentially, all you do is hook up your iPhone 4 to the table-top display and away you go. The iPhone 4 display is replicated on the 58-inch screen, and behaves the same way a normal iPhone would (save for the 17x size amplification, of course).

The two guys in the video seem to access the Springboard just fine, they swipe between pages and launch the Photos app. It doesn’t look like a fake, as many readers claimed. The iPhone also seems to be able to output UI elements on that bigger screen just fine.

Check out the video above to get a better impression of how it's working so far. Although this is just a couple of dudes putting a good idea into effect, it would be awesome if we actually see this hit the market sometime down the road.

Video after the break. Would you be willing to slap down your hard-earned cash for something like this if it's ever released? Let us know what you think in the comments!

[Mac Stories via Table.Connect]