Apple releases surprise special edition Stüssy Beats Studio Pro you should probably avoid

Stüssy Beats Studio Pro
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Apple has this week unveiled a new Beats x Stüssy collab that brings the fashion brand to its Beats Studio Pro headphones. The special edition will cost $349.99, and will be available worldwide on Friday, December 15. 

It's the second time the pair have collaborated, after releasing a Beats Pill back in 2022. As reported by HypeBeast, the new Beats x Stüssy feature "a design color scheme that pulls from urethane skateboard wheels alongside materials like fiberglass and resin," "warm beige and deep gray hues", and a Stüssy logo across the band and inside the ear cups. 

Given that our Beats Studio Pro review landed a meager 2.5 stars in our review, these headphones are sadly nothing but a fashion statement, and one best avoided by all-but the most dedicated of Stüssy devotees, if such people exist, that is. 

Beats Studio Pro - buy them at the right price

These Stüssy Beats Studio Pro are $349, as mentioned, which makes these headphones intolerably bad for the price. The only time we've recommended them is at their usual sale price of $169, where they make much more sense. Right now you can score a brand new pair with a much plainer design for 49% off, $179 instead of $349. That means that if you pick up the special edition, you're essentially paying $170 for a Stüssy logo that doesn't even look that good. There are definitely better headphone options out there in the price bracket, but if you're heart set on a pair of Beats Studio Pro, do yourself a favor and buy these ones. 

Beats Studio Pro | $349.99 $179.99 at Amazon

Beats Studio Pro | $349.99 $179.99 at Amazon

Save more than half the MSRP off of the Beats Studio Pro and get a lot of the benefits of AirPods for under $180.

Price check: $179.99 at Best Buy | $179.99 at Target

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