Satechi's new 145W GaN Travel Charger can power MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and more and comes with handy international plugs for traveling

Satechi 145W GaN Travel Charger
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Choosing the right travel charger for all of your Apple gear can be a complicated equation to try and balance. You want something that can power all of the things that you have with you, preferably without taking multiple charging plugs. But you also want it to be easily transported while offering a maximum power output that can readily charge even the most power-hungry 16-inch MacBook Pro. It wouldn't hurt if it actually looked cool, either.

Satechi has made a name for itself producing accessories that look good thanks to a silver and black finish. The new 145W GaN Travel Charger is no different, a product that is largely silver but has a black section to house its four USB-C ports. Those ports come in a couple of different configurations that we'll get to in a moment, but the most important fact is that when you use one of them you'll get a whopping 140W of power on tap. And that's more than enough to charge anything with an Apple logo on the back.

In fact, that's a match for the 140W charger that ships with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, so it should give you a good idea of the capabilities we are talking about here. Full all four ports and the power-per-port starts to suffer, but that's just the way of the world. And it might actually be the best route if you need to charge four Apple gizmos at the same time — live overnight in a hotel, for instance.

All the power

Satechi announced its latest charger as part of the ongoing CES 2024 fun that already saw it unveil some Qi2-capable iPhone charging stands. Much like those stands this charger looks the part, but it's the power and accessories that stand out the most.

As mentioned charging a single device via one of the top two ports will get you 140W for your device of choice, while the bottom two ports offer 45W each. If you only have a couple of things that need to be charged you can choose between 100W + 45W or the more evenly distributed 65W + 65W configuration. Start adding more devices and the numbers start to fall, but even with all four ports in use you'll get 65W + 30W + 25W + 20W of power. That's plenty for charging any MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, an iPhone, an iPad, and an Apple Watch all while using a single wall outlet.

That wall outlet is particularly notable because you'll be able to use this charger in one from a whole raft of countries without buying any additional adapters. You'll get plugs for the US, EU, Australia, and UK included and there's even a handy travel bag for keeping everything in, too. That alone makes this a great travel charger for people who find themselves jetting off around the globe and need one charger to rule them all.

In terms of availability and pricing, the Satechi 145W USB-C 4-Port GaN Travel Charger is available from Satechi's website now. It would normally cost $119.99, but you can pick one up with 20% off if you enter the discount code CES20 today.

If you're in the market for a charger today this could well be the one you've been waiting for. But with CES 2024 still underway who knows what tomorrow will bring? We'd expect more announcements before the week's out, so maybe keep your money in your wallet for another couple of days yet.

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