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We had hoped to see a brand new set of AirPods, Apple's over-ear AirPods Studio, at the October iPhone 12 event. However, recent rumors state that Apple has decided to delay announcing the new headphones and that they will likely debut alongside an Apple Silicon Mac at a November event. Here's everything we know about Apple's first-ever over-ear AirPods.

Release date

As mentioned, whilst we had hoped to see Apple's AirPods Studio at the October iPhone event, new reports claim AirPods Studio will not be announced at the October iPhone event.

Reports suggest that AirPods Studio will now debut alongside an Apple silicon Mac at a November event from Apple. There is no further indication as to when they might be made available to pre-order, or when they will be released for purchasing online and in store.

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There are a couple of rumored AirPods Studio prices based on two different models. A Sport version of the AirPods Studio will reportedly cost $350, whilst a higher-end luxury version could cost as much as $599 because they feature more premium materials, namely leather, and metal.

AirPods Studio should have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

It has previously been suggested by leaks that Apple's AirPods Studio will definitely have Active Noise Cancellation.

Will they have Apple's H1 chip?

All of Apple's AirPods have the H1 chip, so there's no reason to doubt that the AirPods Studio will have Apple's chip on board. The H1 means instant pairing and device switching with the latest Bluetooth technology, "Hey, Siri" support, and better power management for increased listening and talk time.

AirPods Studio could come with interchangeable parts

One thing that could set the AirPods Studio apart from competing products is the inclusion of interchangeable parts. The pads of the headphones are said to be magnetic, so they can easily be taken off to replace with a different size ear cup for a better fit. This could also let users have different ear cups to use for different purposes, such as exercising.

AirPods Studio might feature Neck Detection

Since the AirPods Studio features an over-the-ear design, you won't be able to just take it off one side at a time like the earbud AirPods or AirPods Pro. Instead, AirPods Studio are rumored to use a new "Neck Detection" feature, so the headphones detect and understand when you take it off and leave them around your neck. It will then pause any audio that you were playing.

Ambidextrous listening

According to rumors, there also aren't any markings on the headphones to indicate the left and right channels. Instead, AirPods Studio will be able to detect whether it's on the left or right ear and route audio accordingly.

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