This AirPods 2 deal means they're almost their lowest price ever

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Apple's entry-level AirPods are back below $100 on Amazon at the moment, making them the perfect entry point for anyone who's been thinking about picking up a pair. This price isn't the lowest we've seen them - Amazon Prime Day has that honor, where they went as low as $89. $99 is not a price to sniff at, however, and it may not stick around for long.

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Airpods 2 |$129now $99 at Amazon

Airpods 2 | $129 now $99 at Amazon

$99 is very close to their previous lowest price of $89 - and being now under $100, you're getting a really solid deal. They connect to your iPhone like magic, and you'll be able to join the AirPods club for less than almost everyone else.

You shouldn't go into the AirPods 2 experience expecting an earthshattering sonic experience. Neither should you expect the most impressive noise canceling because they don't, nor will they ever. You should expect a very solid wireless in-ear experience that feels like magic.

They connect to your iPhone with a flip of the lid on the top of the charging case, appearing on your iPhone's home screen with a 'connect' prompt. They recharge seamlessly in the little charging case, and they're built to a degree that makes them very easy to toss into a bag without a worry about damage. You might still want one of the best AirPods 2 cases - if not only because they can look really cool.

Comfort-wise, some love them, and some hate them. They don't have the now traditional silicon tips you find on many earbuds, instead going for a version of the Apple headphone shape, designed to slip into your ear without creating too much of a seal. While this lets lots of sound out (and some in, too), it's also more comfortable for people who don't like the tight fit of silicon buds.

If you're looking for the best-sounding Bluetooth earbuds, you're looking in the wrong place. If you're looking for some of the most convenient and well-built earbuds, then these will fill that niche extremely well.

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