Beats Studio Buds+ now in two new metallic colors courtesy of Olive & June

Beats Studio Buds new color
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Not happy with just settling for some of the coolest transparent buds around, Beats has linked up with nailcare brand Olive & June to make some wicked new colors for the Beats Studio Buds+.

There are two new colors available, in fetching new shades of Silver and Green.

More colors for Beats?

Beats have become known for their mad colors, and while the most recent update of its in-ear buds came in a very fancy-looking transparent option, they’re otherwise lacking in interesting shades.

As always, we have a mid-season refresh of the Beats Studio Buds+, with two new colors in the shape of Cosmic Silver and Cosmic Pink. That brings the colors of the buds up to a nice, round five; the aforementioned transparent option, the two new colors, and then the original Black and Gold, and Ivory.

The colors are part of a collaboration (as many of the new Beats colors tend to be) with nailcare brand Olive & June, and they’re supposed to be reminiscent of nail polishes and acrylics.

Olive & June is also launching matching nail colors and press-on nails to go with the new colors, and you’ll find both the new nails and the buds themselves on the Olive & June website, and the buds alone on the Beats site.

An ad campaign featuring Influencer Emma Chamberlain has been pumped out by Beats to support the launch of the new colors, and you can get them from September 6, for $169.

Worth it?

Beats Studio Buds Plus case on a rock

(Image credit: Tammy Rogers/ iMore)

While we weren't fans of the latest Beats Studio Pro, we did like the updates that came to the Beats Studio Buds+. They sound good, with excellent noise canceling and some great quality-of-life updates like extra ear tips.

We tested the Ivory option, and while they weren’t quite as bright and colorful as these new Olive & June colors, they were certainly a looker. We loved the updated sound profile and the new buttons on the buds, and the slim charging case meant they more easily slipped into a pocket or a bag.

The new color options aren’t going to change any of that, and while the collab colors are only available from one place (The aforementioned Olive & June website), if you like the colors, then you’re going to have a good time.

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