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Bose makes some seriously cool headphones and, erm... musical sunglasses? Weird though it may sound, they are there, and they are great for certain use cases. Over the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, there are some big offers and reductions on Bose headphones, so if you're looking for a new pair of noise canceling over-ears, some true wireless buds, or some, yep, musical sunglasses, then you're in the right place.

Bose Amazon Prime Early Access Sales

Bose QC45 |$329now $229 at Amazon

Bose QC45 | $329 now $229 at Amazon

The Bose QC45s are some of the best noise-canceling cans available. They're comfortable, with little pressure on your head as you're wearing them, and the sound quality is pretty ace too. Usually they're on the cheaper end of top of the range noise-canceling cans from top manufacturers, and now they're even cheaper with $100 off.

Bose NC700 |$379now $269 at Amazon

Bose NC700 | $379 now $269 at Amazon

The Bose NC700 are the better looking of the Bose headphone family, with a slick headband and buttonless cups. They're also packed with features very similar to the QC45s, such as top-tier noise-canceling and solid sound signature. With $100 off they are now there cheapest price ever in this Amazon Prime Early Access Sale.

Bose SoundSport Wireless |$129now $89 at Amazon

Bose SoundSport Wireless | $129 now $89 at Amazon

So these won't come with noise canceling or a posh little charging case, but they will give you a very 'Bose' sound signature in an exercise-friendly package. They're now under $100 in this Amazon Prime Early Access Sale.

Bose Frames Tempo |$249now $149 at Amazon

Bose Frames Tempo | $249 now $149 at Amazon

It is a pair of sunglasses with some little speakers in the arms. Nothing more, and nothing less - yet somehow, they are a pretty cool thing to have around. They're great for cyclists, letting you hear the world around you while blasting your favorite death metal, and the lenses are changeable should that bit break. This Amazon Prime Early Access Sale makes them a bit less expensive than their lofty full price.

We'll be here for the whole two days of the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, so make sure you stick around to see all the best deals as they happen! If you'd rather a pair of Apple's AirPods, we know where you can find all the best AirPods deals. And we'll be tracking the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale as the best deals happen - so stick with us to find the best prices possible!

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