Go back to the nineties and save $40 off the 5-star transparent Beats Studio Buds +

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Every so often, you see a pair of upgraded in-ear headphones that justify their existence with some new features, or drastically improved sound quality — despite their larger cousin’s inability to be anything but underwhelming, the Beats Studio Buds Plus are just those headphones. They’re small, sound great, and block plenty of noise for your commute — and cost less than most of the competition while they do it.

Now, that price has gotten even lower, with a healthy $40 discount at Amazon. That brings the Buds Plus down to $129, returning to their lowest price ever.

Bring back clear tech

Beats Studio Buds + | $169$129 at Amazon

Beats Studio Buds + | $169 $129 at Amazon

The transparent version of the Buds + is our favorite color option, bringing that wicked see-through aesthetic from our youth. This price has been seen a couple of times before, and it's unlikely that we’ll see it drop any further.

Remember those incredible Xbox controllers in the early 2000s, and the transparent Macs of the late 90s? Well, Beats has brought the finish back with the Beats Studio Buds +, with a very cool, slightly misty translucent version of the buds. It lets you see the internals of the buds as well as the case, showing you the circuitry, batteries, and if you look really closely, the audio hardware itself.

Beyond that cool color (that, alas, we weren't sent — we got the also very fetching Ivory version) the Studio Buds + had a litany of other updates, such as improved sound quality and noise canceling. I can attest to both these things, being the one who tested them, and stacking them up against the old version the difference is both immediately noticeable and impressive. I came to really like them over my testing period — and this deal makes them one of the best pairs of in-ear buds under $150. One not to be missed.

Worried that they’ll get bested by the best Apple Black Friday deals? We can’t see these prices dropping too much over the sale, so you should be safe grabbing a pair of these.

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