The slick Bose NC700 are now $100 off in this Prime Early Access Sale

Bose NC700
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In the Bose Headphone lineup, the NC700 are the prettier option. And they are very attractive headphones, with a sweeping band and slick-looking earcups. They also happen to sound really good and block a great deal of noise when the NC in the name is turned on. Created with a more designer look in mind, they also usually come with a more designer price stage - although this Prime Early Access sale has brought the price down significantly. There's a $100 reduction, making them $279, and their lowest price ever. 

Bose NC 700 Prime Early Access deal

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They aren't just a pretty face - the Bose NC700 are some of the best-sounding noise-canceling wireless headphones. They feature the same noise canceling as the highly lauded QC45s, as well as superior drivers, to make the sound a little more premium to go with their slick looks. This drop in price makes them the cheapest price ever and the perfect option if you're looking for some good-looking noise-canceling headphones.

The Bose family features some incredible headphones that are on offer during the Prime Early Access Sale, and these NC700s are an excellent deal. They might be slightly more expensive than the Bose QC45s, but you'll get some extra features such as touch controls if that's something you'd be after. They also reportedly sound better than the QC45s, with a more refined sound signature. There are 11 levels of noise canceling available, so you can choose exactly how much of the outside world you'd like to block out, and the microphones work together to make sure that you'll be heard on calls, even if you're walking through a construction site (we can't recommend you do this if only because they won't fit over or even under a hard hat, and you kind of need one of those on a construction site. That, and noise canceling and construction sites don't tend to mix particularly well).

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