All games in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack: N64 and Sega Genesis titles

All Sega Genesis games on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

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The Sega Genesis was the biggest competitor to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in the late 80s and early 90s. Back then, Nintendo had a huge hold on the market, so it's impressive that Sega managed to make such a big splash with its edgy new console and brand-new Sonic mascot.

Here are all Sega Genesis games on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack listed in alphabetical order.

Alien Soldier

Alien Solider Switch

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This is a side-scrolling shooter adventure in space. Play as Epsilon-Eagle on his personal vendetta to come back to his organization, Scarlet. He is taking back power after the group tried to kill him.

Choose from an array of weapons and take on the enemies that approach. Make an effort to fight through one boss fight after another until finally making it to Xi-Tiger and safety.

Alien Storm

Alien Storm

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Alien forces have invaded Earth and it's up to the Alien Busters to stop them. This game can be played solo or with a friend, while taking on the roles of the bazooka expert, Garth, the flamethrower-wielding Karen, or the robot Scooter who has an electromagnetic whip. The team that made Alien Storm is the same one that made Golden Axe, so it's similarly fun to play. 

Altered Beast

Altered Beast Switch

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In this arcade-styled, beat 'em up Sega classic, Zeus's daughter Athena is in trouble and the goal is to save her. The main action centers on side-scrolling across levels while fight monsters in Ancient Greece.

The name Altered Beast comes into play with the special power-ups, which let the main character take on a wolf, golden wolf, bear, tiger, and dragon forms. These changes give the main character new abilities to defeat enemies.

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Castlevania Bloodlines Switch

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Since it's 1914, Dracula is gone... or is he? Castlevania: Bloodlines is an intense platformer where that requires slashing through vampires while traveling across Europe. A monster's resurrection is about to take place and must be stopped. Although this Castlevania game has different characters than those before it, it's still the same gameplay Metroidvania-lovers know and crave.



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This jewel puzzle game takes after Tetris and similar games as the main mechanic is about a grouping of jewels falling from above and players needing to find the perfect places to stack them. Line up three or more of the same color and they get removed from the stack. There are two modes, allowing players to experience the game in solo or two-player modes.  

Comix Zone

Comix Zone Switch

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Sketch Turner is a comic book artist who gets sucked into his own comic books and has to fight his way through the pages, frame by frame. He's there to save the world he's created and free his characters from the alien invaders.

Core gameplay centers around fighting enemies, solving puzzles, and breaking through the panes to get through to the next level. Players use the standard jump, punch, and kick attacks to get through the enemies and use bombs and knives to destroy items along the way.

Contra: Hard Corps

Contra Hard Corps Switch

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In Contra Hard Corps, civilians are under attack and it's the player's job to protect them. Of course, the only way to do that is by running through levels and taking down everyone in your path.

Unique to the Contra games, your decisions throughout the game can change your path to the end. Interesting cutscenes bring the story to life and there are four playable characters to choose from.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine Switch

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Similar to Nintendo's Dr. Mario, Sega's Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is another Tetris-style puzzle game that has a bit of a story. Sonic's Dr. Robotnik has taken the people of Beanville and turned them into robots for him to use for evil. 

Players must save Beanville by beating the computer in puzzle battles. Matching four or more beans of each color causes beans to drop down. Unlike other games of this type, the beans don't have to be in a row; they just have to be touching. The screen that fills up first loses.

Dynamite Headdy

Dynamite Headdy Switch

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Get ready because this next game is kinda crazy. The story centers around Headdy, a puppet who really uses his head — to attack enemies. King Dark Demon has come in and is stealing all the puppets of the world to do his bidding. So of course, Headdy has to fight the King and his army.

Players throw Headdy's head in any direction to attack while going through this zany platform world. Collecting power-ups adds variety by giving our puppet hero different abilities.

Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco The Dolphin Switch

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This game is beautiful and oddly peaceful, even if it's sad. Ecco is a bottlenose dolphin who found himself suddenly alone when his bay was stripped of all living things except him. On his journey to find a new dolphin pod, he meets a lot of new marine creatures and players are brought along for the journey.

Unfortunately, the sea isn't a completely safe place. Players must fight enemies, talk with other animals in the sea, and use objects in the area to help the dolphin on his way. 

Golden Axe

Golden Axe Switch

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In this game, three warriors have a vendetta against Death Adder, who has killed somebody close to each of them. In response, players must battle their way through enemies and reach their nemesis to get their revenge.

The main developer of Altered Beast created this game and so both games work very similarly. The level side scrolls and you fight through enemies and obstacles as the world moves beneath you. A fun part of gameplay is the ability to steal enemies' animals and ride them.

Golden Axe 2

Golden Axe 2

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Three years after the incidents of the first game, an evil emperor gets their hands on the Golden Axe to lead minion hordes of demons against the rest of the world. Now it's up to Ax, Tyris, and Gilius to put things right. To do that, they'll need to battle their way through fantasy enemies and a strange world. It's a fun continuation of the same kind of action provided in the first game. 

Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes Switch

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Gunstar Heroes is all about an evil empire coming to steal powerful gems and it's the player's responsibility to stop them. This is accomplished by jumping, maneuvering, and firing at enemies to keep them from getting away with it!

There are seven total levels, and the first four can be played in any order. Try a variety of weapons with fixed or free shooting. What's more, players can adjust options to see what works best.

Light Crusader

Light Crusader Switch

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In Light Crusader, people in town are disappearing and the king has called for help. It's up to the player to find the missing people and sus out the cause of their disappearances.

The main mechanics involve moving objects, running, and fighting freely in this old RPG. Solve the puzzles along your journey to unlock new areas to look for the missing townspeople.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars

Mega Man: The Willy Wars Switch

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Mega Man: The Wily Wars released in 1994 and is the first remake ever made of the first three Mega Man games. The cool thing about this being on Switch is that this is the first time this game has been made available in North America. 

Players platform through all of the first three Mega Man games and also gain access to a new level called Wily Tower. This level takes players through new levels to defeat the Genesis Unit. It's a fun collection for any Mega Man fans out there. 


Musha Switch

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It's 2290 and Earth is under attack. Terri and her M.U.S.H.A. weapon are out to destroy Dire 51 before it destroys everything else. As was common for the era, this is a sidescroller with plenty of fighting action. 

Players come across several enemies on the way to the main boss. Get stronger using weapon power-ups with Power Chips and collect special weapons along the way. To add to the experience, make sure your volume is up so you can hear the awesome heavy metal soundtrack.

Phantasy Star 4: The End of the Millennium

Phantasy Star 4 Switch

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The last in a series of RPGs, Phantasy Star 4 has turn-based battles, magic, and a party of characters with different strengths in battle. Motavia went from lush and beautiful to a barren desert, and the people who live there are struggling. Biomonsters are terrorizing everyone, and it's up to the heroes to make things right.

Characters gain levels and new abilities as time goes on. What sets this game apart from its predecessors are the visuals. The story sections look like manga, and it really adds to the visual experience.


Ristar Switch

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Ristar is a shooting star in the Valdi System. Kaiser Greedy has the system's planet leaders under his command with mind control so it's up to this star to defeat the pirate and bring peace back to the system.

Much like classic Mario or Sonic games, this title has players running through a 2D world and completing puzzles to get to the end. However, with Ristar you have super stretchy arms. Players can attack, grab, and climb while reaching in eight different directions.

Shining Force

Shining Force Switch

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Shining Force has been re-released quite a few times since its initial 1992 release and has become a fan favorite.  This highly-popular tactical RPG takes place in a kingdom where a party of fighters must battle Runefaust led by Kane. 

As is typical in other tactical RPGs, the game takes place on a grid. The units are only allowed to move a certain amount of spaces per turn and after they move they can perform an action. Each unit type has special abilities depending on their class allowing for plenty of strategy.

Shining Force II

Shining Force II Switch

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Shining Force II is one of the most popular Genesis games to have ever released. What made this tactical RPG so popular was the free-roaming ability. Players can explore towns, take on new allies, and battle enemies as they want.

Demons are out and about, possessing kings. It is up to Sir Astral's team of apprentices, to free the kings and seal away the demon king. Have fun exploring and discovering what secrets the game has to offer.

Shinobi 3

Shinobi 3 Switch

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In this action-packed adventure, players take on the role of Shinobi Joe Musashi as he uses his skilled ninjitsu to take down Neo Zeed, the leader of a criminal organization. In addition to the melee attacks expected from this title, players can also throw shurikens and use magic. There are several bosses to take down along the way while working through all seven levels.

In each level, you can use one ninjitsu move until you find a bonus and then more skills open up to you. Make sure to explore each round carefully to find them and become more powerful.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Switch

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In Sonic's second adventure, we meet Tails for the first time. Dr. Robotnik is taking the Chaos Emeralds again and this duo is ready to stop him. Players can choose to play solo as either Sonic or Tails, or play with a friend and have both!

In this platformer, there's plenty of running, jumping, and a bit of flying through the levels. As expected, time is spent collecting rings and working to get emeralds out of Dr. Robotnik's clutches. Take on bosses at the end of each level until reaching the evil doctor himself. You can also choose to race a friend in competitive mode!

Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball

Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball Switch

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Our favorite blue blur makes the best pinball. In this Sonic meets pinball game, control the pinball flippers to shoot Sonic around the board just like a classic pinball arcade table. As the hedgehog spins around the levels, he collects rings and Chaos Emeralds that to his score.

There are four levels that each have a new boss at the end and a Chaos Emerald awaits as a reward. Get as many points as possible by hitting targets and bumpers and then come back and try to beat previous scores.

Space Harrier II

Space Harrier 2 Switch

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In Space Harrier 2, Fantasy Land has been taken over and it's up to  Harrier to save the world. Focuson fighting through 12 levels to defeat the boss of each area.

While running through the lands, dodge obstacles and shoot enemies on the path. Be careful not to get hit or run into large objects as this causes Harrier to lose a life. It's game over when they're all out.

Streets of Rage 2

Streets Of Rage

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Criminals are out in the street raiding the city. Main characters Axel, Blaze, Thunder, and Skate are ready to take on the criminal leader, Mr. X, who has taken Skate's brother, Adam. Players must fight through these gangs and get Adam back.

Choose from one of four characters and make your way through the streets fighting enemies in this classic beat 'em up. Gathering weapons and items changes up abilities and attacks as you progress. Use these special attack to do extra damage and defeat more enemies.


Strider Switch

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Strider is a hack-and-slash title where you play as ninja Strider Hiryu. The Grandmaster has control of the world in 2048 and Strider Hiryu has the sole responsibility to take him out. To get to him, you must take on the other bosses first. Use his Cypher skills to dodge and attack your enemies through five challenging stages.

This big arcade game was an award winner when it was initially released and it continued to be popular when it was brought to the Sega Genesis.

Super Fantasy Zone

Super Fantasy Zone Switch

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A little bit different than a regular side-scroller, Super Fantasy Zone is free-moving, so players can go forward and backward as they please. It's a cutesy shoot 'em up where Opa-Opa flys around in a mini pod to kill the enemy generators in the Fantasy Zone.

Sword of Vermilion

Sword Of Vermilion Switch

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This fantasy game takes place in the land of Excalabria. King Tsarkon took in rings of evil and turned on his friend, the protagonist's father, and invaded the kingdom. Now that he is old enough, the main character must get revenge.

This RPG uses a few views depending on what is happening, which was very different from other RPGs of the time. It has an attention-grabbing story and the active combat that allows players to try out weapons to defeat enemies makes this adventure a must-play.

Target Earth

Target Earth Switch

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In Target Earth, humans can live anywhere in space. As part of the Earth Defense League, the player is working to defeat the Chron robots to save the planet. Players must use a mech suit and a variety of weapons to take them down.

This shooter has 14 weapons, which was a lot compared to other games of its time. While journeying through the eight different stages, there are plenty of cyborgs to defeat and tasks to complete to keep things interesting.

Thunder Force 2

Thunder Force 2 Switch

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In Thunder Force 2, players fly a ship through the galaxy trying to find and destroy enemy bases. Obtaining new weapons and CRAW add-ons improves the ship's abilities. However, the speed and number of enemy ships increase making this a real challenge.

ToeJam & Earl

Toejam And Earl Switch

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This co-op classic follows alien rappers ToeJam & Earl after they crash-land their spaceship on Earth. Unfortunately, the pieces of the crashed ship have scattered, so the duo must find them to leave. Help them explore the landscape and avoid conflict as they try to gather what they need.

While single-player is an option, the game is definitely best played as a pair since the characters have a special dialogue that you only see when you're playing together. This dialogue was a big draw to the game and is what gives the game its trademark humor. This is a great family option as you don't battle enemies; you can largely avoid them unless you have the temporary tomato throw power up.

Virtua Fighter 2

Virtual Fighter 2

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Take on the role of one of eight fighters and duke it out to prove who has the best fighting skills. Each character has their own fighting style so it's fun to take on opponents using very different skill sets. Players can enjoy the game solo or with a friend.

Zero Wing

Zero Wing Switch

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Fly a spacecraft through alien territory and take out the enemies along the way in Zero Wing. This is an arcade classic that was later brought to Genesis and other platforms after its initial popularity.

The goal is to make it through each level without crashing the ship. Dodge lasers, enemies, and objects to get to the end of each level. Switching up your weapons helps make the ship more powerful on the mission to free Earth.

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