Robot vacuums are definitely one of my favorite pieces of tech, mainly for the fact that it allows me to be even lazier than I was before they came out. All jokes aside, they are extremely useful pieces of technology. My wife and I recently got one and boy, let me tell ya how much it has helped us around the house. We are now no longer losing the never-ending fight against pet hair. Roomba has become a household name for robot vacuums and for good reason. We've compiled all their current offerings to help you find the right one for your home.

Getting Started: Roomba 675

The 675 is the entry-level model of the Roomba line, but that doesn't mean it's lacking great features. It comes with iRobot's patented 3-Stage Cleaning System with two large brushes and an edge brush to ensure no dust is left behind. It will run for about 90 minutes before it will head home to recharge. The 675 is also Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to connect it your smartphone with the iRobot HOME app and even to hook it up to Alexa and Google Assistant.

$230 at Amazon

Add a Wall: Roomba 690

This guy is the next step up the ladder. It brings along all of the same great features of the 675 including Dirt Detect which causes the Roomba to circle around on areas of the floor that need a bit more work, as well as the Wi-Fi connectivity. For a few extra dollars, you get a Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barrier included which acts as a ... virtual wall. Once you set up the barrier, the 690 will not cross over it allowing you to cordon off a section of the room or house that you don't want it to go into.

$248 at Amazon

More Power: Roomba e5

If you need some power cleaning on your floors, the e5 gives you 5 times the suction as the 600 series vacuums. It's also ideal for pet hair, has a high-efficiency filter, and comes with a washable dust bin. Due to the extra power, you can also customize your cleaning preferences to increase the suction when needed. Final note, the e5 boasts and no-tangle main brush so you shouldn't have to clean it as often.

$400 at iRobot

Clean More: Roomba 960

The 960 is where things really start to get more interesting. Building on all the great things in the previous models, the 960 adds several extra sensors and a feature called iAdapt Navigation. These two things work together to help the 960 plot out a more efficient course across your floors and lets it know exactly where it is in the room. This enables the 960 to be able to clean an entire level of your home more efficiently because it keeps track of where it has already cleaned.

$550 at Amazon

Even More Power: Roomba i7

For those that need the ultimate clean, the i7 is the one for you. Doubling the suction power once again to 10x that of the 675, there's not much this thing can't pick up. The coolest part about it is the Imprint™ Smart Mapping technology which uses the cameras and sensors on top of the vacuum to map out the floors of your home so you can control precisely which rooms are cleaned and when.

$800 at BestBuy

King of the Roombas: Roomba i7+

If you are looking for the ultimate in automated home cleaning, look no further than the i7+. It keeps all the same great features of the i7 and adds one game changing feature; it empties it's own dust bin. Yeah, you read that right. The i7+ includes a Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal that holds up to 30 bins of dirt so you literally don't have to touch your vacuum for weeks at a time. The Clean Base is built into the charging dock so as the Roomba is charging, it's also emptying it's own bin. You can't get much more hands-off than this.

$1,100 at BestBuy

Note: During my research, there was some discrepancy as to whether the lower-end models offer the automatic recharging feature. The iRobot website itself was unclear, giving conflicting information on some models. Some other reviews I read stated that only the 960 and i7 models correctly offered this feature. I have reached out to iRobot for confirmation and will update this article when I get a response.

It's hard to find folks these days who haven't heard of the Roomba. These little circular robots have cleaned their way into the hearts and minds of folks all across the country. iRobot offers a wide selection of Roombas to choose from but my current favorite is the Roomba e5 because it offers a lot of great features at a pretty reasonable price. If you've got the money, the Roomba i7+ is definitely the most impressive of the bunch. No matter which way you go, you're getting a great vacuum.

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