Amazon Key just got a little less creepy and a lot more useful for everyone

Remember Amazon's disturbing in-home delivery service that would give random strangers access to your home while you were gone? You might have automatically dismissed it as soon as you saw it last year and rightfully so. Well, that whole "Please, come into my home person I don't know" part is completely optional, and the other benefits of the service (opens in new tab) Amazon just announced might actually appeal to you.

Amazon is adding several new services for Amazon Key customers, who now include everyone who wants in and not just Prime members (opens in new tab). Those features include keyless entry, the ability to lock and unlock your door from anywhere, and limited guest access. The service can be linked with the Amazon Key App, which allows you as the home owner to create custom keys for entry or unlock the door with a touch. Whether you have maids coming over to clean or your kids just locked themselves out, you'll be able to grant access without driving home and without leaving a key under that rock that everyone knows has a key in it.

If you are providing an entry code for a service provider, like a maid or repairman, then you can use the app to limit that access. You can view video clips of people entering and leaving, check whether the door is locked or unlocked, and get real-time security notifications. The Cloud Cam's live stream includes two-way audio and works with any of the other Amazon devices like the Echo Spot (opens in new tab) and Echo Show (opens in new tab). For each guest access you create, you can manage the guest list and assign when and for how long that code will work.

Amazon also announced that the amount of smart locks compatible with Amazon Key has been increased from three models to eight. You'll have a bigger variety of models to choose from with multiple finishes for each design and new features like touchscreen keyless entry.

Right now you can get the Amazon Key kit for as little as $169.99. That would include the $140 Amazon Cloud Cam (opens in new tab), the $150 Kwikset Convert Smart Lock (opens in new tab), and access to all the features mentioned above including the optional in-home delivery. The more advanced smart lock you choose the higher the price goes, but Amazon is discounting all the bundles for a limited time so it's less expensive than it has ever been before.

The in-home delivery service is still only an option for Prime members and only in 37 cities so far, but if you're eligible you can sign up for Prime here (opens in new tab). The rest is available to anyone anywhere in the country that wants it.

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  • "Please, come into my home person I don't know" - More like ""Please, come into my home hot delivery chick"