Animal Crossing: New Horizon is down for scheduled maintenance [Resolved]

Animal Crossing New Horizons Resident Services
Animal Crossing New Horizons Resident Services (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons' server is down for maintenance right now.
  • During this time, players cannot visit other islands or send gifts to friends via online play.
  • This is likely for update 1.9.

Update: The scheduled maintenance has ended and the online functions are back to normal.

Right now while Animal Crossing: New Horizons is undergoing scheduled maintenance, players aren't able to use the game's online services. This means players cannot invite others to their islands, travel to other islands, or even send gifts in the mail until the maintenance window ends.

If players attempt to use any part of the game that requires online services a notification pops up that reads:

Error Code: 2219-3997

The server is currently undergoing maintenance.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please try again later.

Acnh Maintenance (Image credit: iMore)

According to Nintendo's website, this maintenance will last from 5:55 PM PT through 7:00 PM PT. It's safe to assume this in preparation for the Animal Crossing 26th Anniversary update, which is scheduled to go live tomorrow, Thursday, March 18th.

This update will make it possible for players to use Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo cards and bring Sanrio villagers and items into the game.

The new Custom Design Pro Editor + included in the update gives players the ability to create designs for fans, umbrellas, flags, and face-cutout standees. Additionally, plenty of new items will be coming to the game including April Fool's Day items like a whoopee cushion and prom-themed goodies like sashes.

A new service called Island Tour Creator is also coming to New Horizons on March 23. It will allow players to use screenshots and footage captured in Animal Crossing to create a poster and trailer for your island. However, this service will go away at the end of the year.

Animal Crossing is undoubtedly one of the best Nintendo Switch games of all time. With it being such a popular game, the server going down definitely affects a lot of players. We'll keep on top of this news and will update when the server comes back on.

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