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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for a while and now that you've likely spent hours working on getting your island presentable and put in a few things you're proud of, you may be ready to visit your friends' islands or have them visit you. You can leave a note or drawing for your visitors or on your friends' islands on the bulletin board in the plaza. Follow these steps and you can leave your mark!

Writing on the bulletin boards

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Next to the resident services center in the plaza, you'll see a bulletin board. Whether you're on your own island or someone else's you can leave a message or picture. Just stand in front of the board and press A to open the bulletin board.

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Once you have the bulletin board opened, you will see the posts from the island residents and visitors. To start a new post to the bulletin board, press the + key on the right Joy-Con. The next window that pops up will have a first option of using a keyboard to write a message. Just press A to open your keyboard and write away!

Sharing your art

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Your other option is to create a drawing, leaving a beautiful piece of art for the island to see. When you have the bulletin board open and have clicked create, use the L and R button to select a color (or the eraser if you make a small mistake) and use Y to change the size of your pencil. Undo your most recent action with the - button on the left Joy-Con. If you need to start all over, press X to remove all of your drawing. Once you're finished with your message or drawing, press + to save. After your bulletin is saved it will be visible on the board. If you want to get rid of it, select the post and press the - button. If it just needs a small fix, press A to rewrite.

Now you can leave a message for anyone who visits your island and is viewing your board or leave behind a surprise on a friend's island!

A piece of freedom on the island

One of the joys of having this game is being able to interact with your friends and their islands. The bulletin board is just one of many ways you can connect. There is so much freedom in what you can do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with your land, home, residents, and more! What will you do with your island? Check out our other guides for some ideas.

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